Social Media uses…for artists:

I’ve just returned from a visit to NYC and publishers in the down town area this trip. Always wonderful and encouraging!  One of my quesitons to the editors and ADs I saw was about social media and if THEY used it at all to find artists.  I’ve gotten the feeling that many artists are spreading themselves out all over the social media scene.  Not just facebook, and maybe linkedin, but with Flickr, twitter, Pinterest etc.  Not to mention trying to follow other artists blogs and such.  This takes a LOT of time.  I don’t even try to keep up with all of it…but will occasionally visit a site or two other artists tell me about.  I subscribe to maybe 4 or 6 with ‘feeds’ so I don’t have to work at it. But ARE they helpful with getting HIRED!?

I asked all of the 15 people I visited at the many Penguin Putnam imprints and the Macmillan houses (fsg, feiwel, holt, walker).  VERY VERY few go to these sites at all except to SEE MORE of an artist they already know and like.  So if you have a rep with a site…that is first.  If you have your own site… that is second. IF you have a blog with images and process info… that might be third.   If you have these others with DIFFERENT images… that is last.  Along with source book sites for most.  If they are interested already, they might visit them….but they do not go there and LOOK FOR ARTISTS mostly.  Good to know  in order to use the social medias appropriately.

It sounds to me that spending a great deal of time on these sites is NOT the best use of your promotional time.  Doing new images and getting them up on your website, blog and to your rep to get out there is the better use of time.

Social media now is great for interartist communications…which is nice and less isolating for all.  Shared information and hints and warnings is wonderfully helpful too! But many artists spend much too much time on other artists sites and writing each other when they should be drawing and painting… being the best they can be to compete in this competive industry!  This is right from the editors and AD’s mouths…over and over.  I will continue to ask about this on future visits.

I also asked about the SOURCE BOOKS…ours now Dir. of IL.  They seem to still go to them once when they come in…and will mark artists they like and will contact them perhaps to get more (then they might go to your flickr etc.)  They love the mail out of the double page spread reprints  (10 artists) we do and the other occasional mailings.  They seem to really love my BLASTS! and other special attachments I do when I email them individually.  They DO save them.  (NOTE: they do NOT like them from individual artists unless they KNOW and like the artist already.)

So there you are….   I hate to see so much time ‘wasted’ with these new technologies…at least at this time.  Be on Flickr etc….but ONLY after you have your website current and maybe a blog too!  The ART is their interest primarily.  So, as always, you have to LET THE ART DO THE TALKING.  To do that, you have to update samples and get them to the MOST likely sites where the buyers will SEE them.  Back to the drawing table!

this from Cathy Gendron…. I feel like this little dog when I’m in NYC!  if ONLY it was to go to spas!  lol

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