Star Trek – Illustrated Poster Art

Star Trek – Illustrated Poster Art

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It’s Star Trek month over at Planet Pulp and I finally get to illustrate a Trek poster!

I was quite vocal about the film poster campaign when the first JJ Abrams Star Trek was released… and I did say I would have a go at an illustrated version of the poster, well, just as the next instalment of the reborn franchise is upon us, I finally got round to it. Projects dont usually take me 4 years to complete by the way! I actually roughed this out after re-watching the film again last week, comped it up on Friday night, drawing Saturday and Sunday and finishing it after a full day on Monday… so 4 days (not years)



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There is a tip of the hat here to Bob Peak’s amazing poster illustration for ST:TMP and it felt right to do that to me…also managed to incorporate Nero’s drill in there too.


Hope you all like it – Very excited about the next film, ‘Into Darkness’ maybe a companion poster will emerge?…

JJ Abrams really did a great thing with making this movie, I was kind of into Trek growing up,  mainly because it was Sci-Fi (Star Wars was top dog at the time) but JJ Abrams definitely sealed the deal for me when he made this!

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Click on the closeups above to see more detail


Check out the Illustrated INTO DARKNESS Poster

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Click here to see the Into Darkness Poster Illustration

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