Steve McAfee Photography’s New Logo

Watching the Sal Cincotta seminar over the weekend on has really inspired me to make some changes to the way my photography is presented online, the products I offer and broadened my mind with ideas to incorporate right now and in the future.

So I’ve started with something small-but huge, my logo. It’s a very subtile change-I just added that swirly thing behind my name. But now it’s more than just a font and a copyright notice. Now it’s a Brand. I’m working now to include this on everything I do. My website, my images, my forms, my emails, my business card, my packaging, my dvds…hey I might even get a t-shirt…well maybe not.

The Brand is an old, old concept-but something I have forgotten in recent years. My photography business especially should be very aware of this!  Sure a swirly logo won’t make my photography better, but photography is a luxury item, why not package it that way?
During Sal Cincotta’s presentation he shared some of the products he offers his clients-leather bound albums, large wall prints and canvases, even a thumb drive enclosed in a velvet lined ‘branded’ jewelry box. To paraphrase him, “You’ve put all of this time and work into creating these beautiful images for a client and then you want to hand them a cd in a paper sleeve with their name written on it with a Sharpie?” Guilty as charged, but that will be changing.

Click image for a larger view.
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