Steven Noble is an illustrator who is internationally renowned for his work, with an astounding 25 years of working in the industry, leading to an incredibly diverse portfolio

After finding him through the Directory of Illustration, Stranger & Stranger, a packaging design and branding company that specializes in alcoholic drinks, called upon the talents of Steven Noble to create the artwork for Redwood Empire Whiskey’s new Emerald Giant label. The image depicts John Muir, an early advocate for the preservation of wilderness in the US, kneeling down and grabbing hold of a tiny redwood tree. Steven chose  to utilize a rougher, bolder linocut style for this project.

Steven Noble’s scratch board, line art, woodcut, and engraving artwork is internationally recognized. He illustrated the back of the $1 bill, refreshed the White House logo, and is the artist behind American Express’ centurion. His highly disciplined and complex line work is based on 20+ years of experience using X-Acto precision knives carved into pre-inked clay boards. The fine line strokes allows for versatility in detail from bold woodcuts to fine traditional 19 century steel engravings.

His prestigious clientele includes Coors, Exxon-Mobil, JP Morgan, and Mercedes-Benz, to name a few. Steven also did the illustrations for the acclaimed Children’s book “Zathura”. His work has given him an expertise on a large volume of subject matter that include food, portraits, animals, maps, architecture, and corporate conceptual images. He has won many awards including the Meade Show Award for Excellence, Addy Awards and been featured in Communication Arts for the best advertising image.

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