Stooges Week! Joe Besser


Last week I posted this sketch of Shemp Howard, one of the “Three Stooges” (well, “Six Stooges” really, but only three performed at a time). It went over pretty well, so I have decided to make this week “Stooges Week” here on Tom’s MAD Blog! I’ll be posting a new sketch of a Stooge each day. Since Shemp has already appeared, we’ll do the other five as the week goes on. Today’s Stooge is Joe Besser, who took over for Shemp after Shemp took over for Curly who took over for Shemp.

Before you write me to ask “what about Fred Sanborn, Joe Palma and Emil Sitka?”, read these two comments:

First, I am only doing those who appeared in shorts, films and TV under the title “The Three Stooges”, and were credited as a Stooge… that eliminates Sanborn (who appeared in Moe, Larry and Shemp’s first film  “Soup 2 Nuts”, but they were not yet “The Three Stooges”), Palma (who did “back facing” stand in shots for Shemp to complete partially shot films after Shemp’s death but was not credited as a “Stooge”, and Sitka (who never appeared in any film or TV show as a Stooge)

Second, you know way too much about the Three Stooges… go out and meet some girls. Got it, Knucklehead?

Incidentally, all these Stooge sketches were done digitally.

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