Stop! Fashion Police! Summer Wardrobe Malfunction Alert!

OK this is going to sound terribly snobby and up myself but why is it that as soon as there are a few days of warm weather in the UK people lose all control of their wardrobes?

I work from home so on the rare occasions I do leave the house I’m invariably shocked by the some of the summer attire of the Great British Public. Most notably, I saw a young woman yesterday at my local hospital who let’s just say politely, wasn’t..err..skinny. Once I’d recovered from the shock of the largest expanse of naked pale sunburnt skin I’ve seen in a long while, I then sighed with despair at the sight of her skimpy vest top and mini skirt which were barely doing their job as functional clothes. Sorry to go all wardrobe fascist but please please, pale bare chunky thighs are SO not a good look. I should know. I possess a pair.

People, it’s fine to wear next to nothing while pottering around the garden/yard/ house, but please please please, save us all the visual abhorrence of the Great British Emergency Summer Wardrobe when you next venture beyond your front door. Right, bitchfest over!

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