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Fatinha Ramos’ Sonia Delaunay: A Life of Color

Illustrated by Fatinha Ramos, Sonia Delaunay: A Life of Color is as delightful introduction to abstraction and one of the early twentieth century’s most groundbreaking artists.

Published by the The Museum of Modern Art New York (MoMA), A Life of Color tells the story of Sonia Delaunay and her young son, Charles. “Together they fly across Europe in their magical car so that Charles-encountering new sights, sounds and feelings-can learn how, for his mother, life and art are one and the same. Featuring vivid reproductions of Sonia’s work from the collections of The Museum of Modern Art, New York, and The Centre Pompidou, Paris, this book brings her most fundamental ideas about art and life into focus for young readers.”

The picture book earned Ramos an Excellence Global Illustration Award from the Frankfurt Book Fair for her brilliant illustrations and interpretations of of Delaunay’s work. In a raving New York Times review, Maria Russo says “Ramos’ lovely, playful art pulls off the tricky task of evoking Delaunay’s while standing strongly on its own.”

You can see more of Fatinha Ramos’ signature style in her Directory of Illustration portfolio or on her website.

Artist Spotlight: James Lebbad

James Lebbad is a graphic designer specializing in typographic design and handlettering. He has created award-winning designs for domestic and international clients including NBC, CBS, Arista Records, Campbell Soup, Viacom and Random House Publishing to name a few. James’ artistic genes came from his Dad, Anthony, a Pratt alumni himself.

Ever since he can remember, James has had a pencil in his hand and has been drawing away. Even in grade school he was designing and drawing art pieces for friends and relatives. During high school he was the art department for the local newspaper and upon graduating from Kutztown University, James headed straight to New York where he started his career at New American Library as a book cover designer. While he was there, his handlettering skills won awards from the Type Directors Club. After that, James moved on to Berkley Putnam Publishing where he was named Art Director. Under his art direction, numerous PTB covers won awards from the Society of Illustrators.

Since creating Lebbad Design in 1981, James’ work has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Type Directors Club International Typeface Design Award.

You can see even more of James’ work on his Directory of Illustration portfolio page.

Artist Spotlight: Rob Peters

Rob Peters is an illustrator, cartoonist and designer. He has a degree in Visual Communications from Judson College in Elgin, Illinois, and worked as a cover artist and designer in the yearbook industry for over five years. He currently lives with his wife and family in Topeka, KS.

He started as a freelance artist in 2007 and hasn’t looked back since. Peters has designed logos and book covers and has illustrated dozens of children’s picture books, including Russel T. Jones: On The Edge Of Forever and Go Cubs, Go!. He’s also written and illustrated a few comics, including those on Crazy Cal Presents.

You can see more work from Peter on his Directory of Illustration Portfolio page or on his website.

All Images © Rob Peters

Stephanie Hans Creates Variant Cover for XMEN’s Jean Grey Comic Series

One of the main characters from the XMEN comics, Jean Grey, is receiving her own comic book series and Stephanie Hans assisted in creating one of the variant covers for the first book.

Stephanie is represented by Shannon Associates. Check out more of her work through her Directory of Illustration portfolio and at

©Stephanie Hans

Garry Parsons: The Dragonsitter

Garry Parsons worked alongside author Josh Lacey on the new addition in The Dragonsitter series: Trick or Treat, published by Andersen Press.

Garry is represented by Meiklejohn Illustration. View more of his work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at

©Garry Parsons

©Garry Parsons

©Garry Parsons

©Garry Parsons

©Garry Parsons

©Garry Parsons

©Garry Parsons

©Garry Parsons



Living with Yuko Shimizu

Yuko Shimizu  teamed up with ROADS Publishing, a boutique publisher of art and design books, to create a new book that featured a smaller, tighter selection of her favorite monographs from the past.

Living with Yuko Shimizu is a book of 32 carefully selected images, printed on thick sturdy paper, that can be kept on your bookshelf or used as an affordable option of wall art.

The book can be purchased here and here.

Yuko is represented by Bernstein & Andriulli. See more of her work through her Directory of Illustration portfolio and at

©Yuko Shimizu

©Yuko Shimizu


Artist Spotlight: Chellie Carroll

Chellie Carroll is a London-based illustrator known for her eclectic style which often incorporates floral images, decorative patterns and female photographic elements. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1997, Chellie worked as a designer until 2000 when she decided to focus solely on illustration. Throughout her career, Chellie has worked with a wide range of clients such as BBC3, BT Vision, Cadbury Flake, PlayStation, Kellogg’s, Cancer Research, Schaller Cosmetics, Mattel, The Sunday Times Magazine, Contagious Magazine, Computer Arts, Readers Digest and Oxford University Press, among others. Most recently she has been working with several publishing companies such as Stripes Publishing and Michael O’Mara Books to create art for novels and coloring books.

To see more of Chellie’s work, visit her Directory of Illustration Portfolio or visit her website:


©Chellie Carroll


©Chellie Carroll


©Chellie Carroll


©Chellie Carroll


©Chellie Carroll


Petur Antonsson Joins Shannon Associates

We’re excited to share that illustrator Petur Antonsson is one of the newest additions to the Shannon Associates roster of talented artists!

Petur is a graduate of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. After graduating, Petur worked in the gaming industry before moving relocating to his native home – Iceland. He is currently doing freelance illustration work for various clients and companies around the world. His clients include Disney Interactive, Disney Playdom, HarperCollins Publishers, Greenwillow Books, Penguin-RandomHouse Publishers, Forlagið Publishers, Plain Vanilla, Booyah, Baozou, CloudKid Studios, Lazy Town, Freyja Chocolates, and The Icelandic Center for Educational Materials.

Much more of Petur’s work can be seen through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at

©Petur Antonsson

©Petur Antonsson

©Petur Antonsson

©Petur Antonsson

©Petur Antonsson

©Petur Antonsson

©Petur Antonsson

©Petur Antonsson

©Petur Antonsson

©Petur Antonsson

Compelling Covers from the Rapp Artists

RappArt is well known for having a strong portfolio of conceptual artists suitable for editorial projects, but many of the same artists have completed terrific publishing assignments as well!

RappArt has a range of possibilities with assignments that have included covers for trade fiction, YA, and fantasy. Check out a few of them below.

Explore more of RappArt’s illustrators and styles through their Directory of Illustration portfolio and website.

Stephanie Dalton Cowan


Robert Neubecker


Dan Page


John S. Dykes


-Via the RappArt Blog

Maria Corte Maidagan + Ann Ingalls

Maria Corte Maidagan teamed up with author Ann Ingalls to create a walk through the Jazz ages alphabet book.

The book covers all aspects of Jazz in America from “axe” to “zoot suit”, including ” be-bopping, lyrical introductions to key jazz figures, musical terms, and a glossary of jazz slang.”

Maria’s style was the perfect fit for the subject matter and you’ll find yourself snapping your fingers and tapping your toe by just seeing her figures dance through the pages!




You can buy the book here.

For more commercial work by Maria please visit her Directory of Illustration Portfolio and Website.

Maria Corte Maidagan is represented by Richard Solomon Artists Representative.