Commercial Illustration

Joe Magee for Mental Health Awareness Week

Earlier this month, Joe Magee created artwork for Mental Health Awareness Week. The week occurs in early May and during the entire week, the Mental Health Foundation of the UK run multiple campaigns around a specific theme that have to do with mental health issues.

Take a look at more of Joe’s work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at

©Joe Magee

©Joe Magee

Marcus Marritt for Construction Manager

Marcus Marritt was commissioned to illustrate the front cover and full page editorial for the new look for Construction Manager magazine.

About Marcus

Marcus Marritt is an illustrator based in the UK whose work is based on a minimal approach. Marcus’ clients include Financial Times,, Chelsea FC, WIRED, Oreo Cookies, ASOS amongst much more.

See more of his work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and his website.

©Marcus Marritt


Anthony Kieren Illustrates Hollywood Legend, Burt Reynolds

A.E. Kieren was recently commissioned by the Smyth Hotel to document the hosting of the press facilities for TriBeCa Film Festival.

A.E. was able to draw a live portrait of Hollywood legend, Burt Reynolds, during a festival promoting his new film, Dog Years.

Check out more of A.E.’s work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and website.

Cristina Guitian – Irish Football Association

Tandem commissioned Cristina Guitian to create a new 13 feet mural to grace the walls of the Irish Football Association’s new visitor center.

The mural features Irish football supporters throughout the decades, walking together into the stadium in black and white.

Cristina is represented by Meiklejohn Illustration. View more of her work through her Directory of Illustration portfolio and

Margaux Carpentier for London Zoo

Margaux Carpentier teamed up with the London Zoo to create these fun murals featuring the cheeky, mischevious squirrel monkey.

We think the illustrations capture the true playful spirit of the small, slender primate.

Margaux is represented by Central Illustration Agency. See more of her work through her Directory of Illustration portfolio and at

©Margaux Carpentier

©Margaux Carpentier

©Margaux Carpentier

©Margaux Carpentier

©Margaux Carpentier

John S. Dykes for First Interstate Bank

John S. Dykes was commissioned by First Interstate Bank to create maps to tell the story of the banks’ interaction with the people and culture of states in the western US.

John produced three large, detailed map illustrations of Wyoming, South Dakota & Montana for the campaign and has received recognition for the Wyoming map, which was selected to be in the 2017 Communication Arts Annual.

John is represented by Gerald & Cullen Rapp. See more of his work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at

©John S. Dykes

©John S. Dykes

Cannaday Chapman for The New Yorker

Check out this cover by Cannaday Chapman for The New Yorker‘s Food & Travel issue.

“For me, one of the finest things about traveling is trying new and exotic foods,” Cannaday says, about the inspiration for his cover.

Chapman recently returned from Argentina, where he ate “a whole lot of steaks and the best pork chops I ever had,” but has never visited China. “Everyone says they have the best street food,” he adds. “My Chinese friend was trying to get me there, describing the seahorses and also scorpions, lots of bugs. I’m told they taste like crab or lobster, which makes sense. Those are just sea bugs.”

View more of Cannaday’s work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and website.



Nathan Smith Illustrates the Constellations

Nathan Smith was commissioned by the award-winning Canadian design agency, Target, to produce five illustrations for a new 360-degree Newfoundland and Labrador tourist board website.

The brief required the illustrations to have a soft transparent feel without too much detail. The five images, a Viking ship, the tail of a whale, a compass, a fossil and a hiker were sculpted in Zbrush, deliberately understated and softly rendered in Photoshop.

Visitors to the website are encouraged to select one or more of the five constellations visible in the night sky to begin their journey. As they scroll over a constellation the image becomes clearer, a sound is heard and the link takes them to the subject page.

See more of Nathan’s work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and website.

©Nathan Smith

©Nathan Smith

©Nathan Smith