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One on One with Brian Grimwood, Founder of Central Illustration Agency

Brian Grimwood, founder of the Central Illustration Agency, is widely regarded as one of the most important faces of modern British illustration. With his artistic experience dating back to the early 1960s, his progressive work has become a mainstay in the art world ever since his decision to become a freelance illustrator in 1969.

Grimwood was also one of the first illustrators to embrace digital media. He has long been working with Photoshop & Illustrator, and more recently the iPad, to produce his famously original work.

We recently chatted with Brian about some current projects and the evolution of his career.


Why did you begin using the iPad in your work, and what has the transition been like for you?

I started using it to create roughs that could be scaled for large canvas, and to help me find a new visual language in my editorial work, stylistically and conceptually. It was a natural progression. I used to just work with a brush and paint, but since I’ve been playing with the iPad I find I’m creating another language.

I loved Push Pin Studios in the early 60s. Their philosophy and approach to illustration and innovation were what I was really about. They prided themselves on being revolutionary and constantly expanding. That resonated with me and still does today. That sort of very graphic route and free drawing fits very well with the iPad because I literally don’t work anything out beforehand like I would have to if I were doing a painting. It’s a different look than what I was doing before. The work is more decorative and abstract and less conceptual because I am constantly trying to loosely figure out a new style and draw very quickly. Recently I’ve been working with an iPad Pro which is much bigger and allows me to add more detail.


©Brian Grimwood

Tell us about the project you recently did for Max Mara, the prominent fashion label based in Milan.

I created illustrations for their window displays and fashion show. It was an interesting project. They had very specific ideas about what they wanted the art to look like. I would have loved for the work to be a lot more surreal, but the final images really fitted Max Mara perfectly.

Pirate ship

©Brian Grimwood

Was the Max Mara assignment your first job with a fashion designer?

Yeah, I suppose it was in a way. I have done fashion things in the past for magazines. I used to work in Gorringe’s department store and I created their window displays. However, earlier in my career I found that fashion work was a bit tight for me. And when I say tight, I mean that I could do it but I wasn’t that interested in it because of all the constraints that were involved.


©Brian Grimwood

Tell us about a recent project that turned into a surprising success.

I’ve been doing this for a few years so there are quite a lot of them, but I’ve just done one recently for a whiskey company called Bruichladdich. I mention it because it was an excuse to use the iPad again, and it’s turned into a major event in terms of whiskey. I drew a famous man involved in whiskey blending and I created his portrait on the iPad. It’s been used perfectly on the label.

Whisky bottle

©Brian Grimwood

You are known for a visual language that is constantly evolving. How have you managed to reinvent yourself as an artist, with work that is so relevant over such a long career?

I think it’s important in this fast industry to be aware of the time you’re in. I discovered it took me 7 years to actually develop my visual language and I developed it by repeating accidents. I used to do a drawing and something would work by mistake and then I’d repeat that accident in my next work. The whole thing gradually became unique to me and my style of working. It’s a bit like doing a crossword puzzle. After a while, you get a formula but as soon as you get the formula, you have to stop, forget about it, and create a new one in order to succeed in this business. People are always looking for you to go stale. Never go stale.


©Brian Grimwood

You’re in a unique position as both a founder of a major illustration agency and a renowned illustrator. Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

I lecture in colleges as well, believe it or not, and I tell students to find a hero, someone whose work they can relate to, and to then study the type of work they do and how they approach the problems they’re trying to solve. That’s how I did it. There were a couple of people out there that were doing amazing work and I just took notice of what they were doing, whether it was a book jacket or a pastel drawing or editorial work. To do so many things all at once wasn’t really looked at as a good thing back in those days, but it was what I was doing and it gave me a holistic idea of what becoming an illustrator would look like. So I would say look at people that are successful and study how and why they became successful. Find out information about what sort of jobs they do, how they face those jobs, and how they’ve developed through the years.


©Brian Grimwood

What’s next for you?

I’ve just been offered an exhibition at OXO gallery in London. At the moment, I’ve just mocked and taken photographs and mapped where I will put my images up. It’s still in the early stages, but I’m excited about the project.

OXO 2 wall 1

©Brian Grimwood

OXO exhibition room 2

©Brian Grimwood

Brian Grimwood is represented by Central Illustration.

Please visit his Directory of Illustration portfolio and website to take a deeper look into his body of work.

Artist Spotlight: Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor is an illustrator and comic artist based in the Sussex countryside who spends his days crafting expansive, sometimes psychedelic, Americana-inspired illustrations with a nod to classic comic book art of the fifties and sixties.

After graduating from Buckinghamshire University, Matt rolled straight into a successful ten-year illustration career, including a spell at graphic design agency ilovedust. Whilst there Matt notched up clients as diverse as Adidas, Urban Outfitters, Sony AMC, GQ and even The Elvis Presley Estate.

Matt Taylor is represented by Central Illustration Agency. See much more of his work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at


© Copyright Matt Taylor
Represented by Central Illustration Agency


© Copyright Matt Taylor
Represented by Central Illustration Agency


© Copyright Matt Taylor
Represented by Central Illustration Agency


© Copyright Matt Taylor
Represented by Central Illustration Agency

Hannah Davies Illustrates the Definitive Guide to Mudras

Illustration Web artist Hannah Davies recently completed a series of illustrations  commissioned by Watkins Publishing for a new health and wellness book entitled, Mudras for Modern Life. 

The book aims to help the reader transform their life through the power of mudras – subtle but highly effective hand gestures that boost health and wellbeing.

Hannah says,

It was extremely important to capture the right emotion for every chapter to inspire the reader. I feel like I really had a chance to show my true style in this book by combining water-colours and my layered textiles papers with intricate hand drawn design . I was left to my own devises to create a true representation of each Mudra. It was a pleasure working with Watkins publishing and a joy to make this fantastic book come alive with my vibrant illustrations.

Hannah Davies is a freelance illustrator living and working in South Wales. As well as being a fantastic decorative illustrator working in advertising, fashion and editorial, she also makes a range of items using her skills with textiles. More of her work can be seen through her DOI Portfolio and at

"Mudras for Modern Life"

Cover, “Mudras for Modern Life”

Hannah Davies, "Mudras for Modern Life"

Hannah Davies, “Mudras for Modern Life”

Hannah Davies, "Mudras for Modern Life"

Hannah Davies, “Mudras for Modern Life”

Hannah Davies, "Mudras for Modern Life"

Hannah Davies, “Mudras for Modern Life”

The Featured Five: January 2015

Featured Image: Vivienne To , Shannon Associates

A new year is here and so is a new featured set of fantastic illustrators!

These folks are all versatile illustrators who have been repeatedly commissioned by some of the biggest names in industry.

Here are the Featured Five of January 2015:

Joyce Patti :: Morgan Gaynin Inc.

Joyce Patti

Living by the seashore in beautiful Seal Beach, CA. inspires Joyce to paint her charming, fantasy imagery for clients as varied as Macy’s Department Stores, George Lucas Productions, and Celestial Seasoning packages. Especially fond of painting fairies, Joyce is the proud illustrator of a world of flower fairies for I See Me Publications and fanciful fairies with unicorns licensed for collector plates and puzzles. In addition to her dream job of painting for a living, Joyce enjoys tending her gardens, watching classic movies, working on her home, and long beach walks with her rambunctious dog, Abbey. Joyce’s “day” job is Chairperson for the Art Department at Cypress College. She finds it fulfilling to teach, inspire and challenge her students to make an impact in the world of the arts.


Vivienne To :: Shannon Associates


Vivienne grew up in Sydney, Australia and began freelancing while in school at the age of 16. After graduating from the College of Fine Arts in 2006 she went on to work as a visual development artist for children’s TV animation, before moving to the film industry. She has designed characters and creatures for both animated and live action feature films including Warner Bros’ Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole and Sucker Punch, as well as the BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs movie. She has also created conceptual art for the TV movie Lego Star Wars ‘The Padawan Menace’ and more recently the Lego animated feature film. When she isn’t drawing, she likes to travel, take photos and knit.


Cathy Gendron :: CATugeau


Armed with a degree in Fine Arts and a serious need to draw, Cathy Gendron began her illustration career in 1980. Surviving 8 years in newspapers as an art director, brushes with death on the high seas and the noxious fumes from her painting process, she lives and works in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A teacher for over 25 years at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, her work has appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers and has earned her awards from Print, Communication Arts and the Society of Publication Designers.


Yana Beylinson

Yana Beylinson

Yana Beylinson, an artist and a creative director, is well known for her intricate botanical illustrations and patterns. Her work is used in various publications, and is applied on logos and identity systems, packaging, fabric, and products. Yana Beylinson has her line of stationery published by Chronicle Books. She also owns a boutique design company, Liquid Pixel Studio. Her client list includes: Chronicle Books, Wiley and Sons, Galison / Mudpuppy Press, Hachette Book Group, Orange Coast Magazine, Macy’s, Calico, and Coach.


Doug Holgate :: Shannon Associates


If he wasn’t spending all his time as an astronaut, formula one driver, millionaire philanthropist, renowned adventurer and famous masked Mexican wrestler, El Tigre, Doug would most likely fill the hours as a freelance illustrator, comic artist and toy designer based in Melbourne, Australia. When he finds a moment to spare between searching for the lost city of El Dorado and fighting pirate hoardes, he likes to think he would spend it with his craft obsessed girlfriend and two moth eating cats. To Be Published in 2005 / 06 Zack Proton: Genuine Intergalactic Space Hero, Simon and Schuster ­ USA Horror High, Random House ­ AUSTRALIA Amazing Australia, Funtastic ­ AUSTRALIA, among others.

You can view more work from the Featured Five and all of the Directory of Illustration artists here.

Directory of Illustration Job Showcase: Fall 2014

Featured Image ©Dennis Wunsch

The Directory of Illustration Artists have been busy conceptualizing, designing, and illustrating for some of the best-known companies and publications in the world.

Here’s just a few of the jobs they’ve been working on:

Peter Strain | Début Art Ltd.
Client: Queens Film Theatre
Project Name: The Grand Budapest Hotel Special
Queens Film Theatre Guide Cover
Being a huge Wes Anderson fan, Peter Strain was
thrilled to create a special QFT Guide cover
celebrating his latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.
He wanted to create a piece that referenced the kind
of poster style that was prominent in the 1920’s.


Ana Seixas | New Division
Client: NhomNhom
Project Name: Happy Fruit Salad
Ana Seixas illustrated this recipe for ‘Happy Fruit
Salad’ for homeware manufacturer NhomNhom.
Ana’s vibrant combination of typography and
illustration packed a punch!


Wesley Bedrosian
Client: School Library Journal
Project Name: Series Made Simple
Wesley Bedrosian had a lot of fun making this for
Art Director Mark Tuchman.


Mark Ryan
Client: Ogilvy
Project Name: Ogilvy Sharks
Ad Agency: Ogilvy Dublin
Brief to create seven sharks in Ogilvy branded sardine can to
commemorate their winning of seven shark awards at The Kinsale
International Advertising Awards.


Anne Cresci | Colagene, illustration clinic
Client: Marie Claire China
Project Name: Limited Edition Products Gifts
Anne Cresci illustrated a selection of limited edition products gifts with
a red theme festive setting for the approaching holiday season in China.


Dennis Wunsch
Dennis Wunsch Scotsman Guide
Client: Scotsman Guide Media
Project Name: Grow A Bigger Appetite For Hotel Deals
This project is a new editorial illustration created for the October
Scotsman Guide Commercial Edition. The article speaks to investors
interested in the hospitality sector.


Dongyun Lee | Richard Solomon Artists Representative

Client: Wall Street Journal
Project Name: Life Insurance Agents and the Things They Don’t Say
Dongyun Lee recently completed this piece for the Market Watch
section of The Wall Street Journal as part of a piece laying out 10
things life insurance agents won’t say. A few of them being “You
actually have too much life insurance”, ” We’d rather sell you investments
than insurance”, and ” Your child doesn’t really need life insurance”.


Aaron Ashley Illustration

Client: Culligan International
Project Name: Hotel/Hospital/Office Building Cutaway
A closeup detail view of a building cutaway infographic created for
Culligan International’s new interactive iPad app. The infographic
demonstrates how Culligan’s water treatment products can be utilized
within various industrial and commercial applications.


Mica Duran

Client: AstraZeneca MedImmune
Project Name: FluMist© Quadrivalent : Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine
Ad Agency: Cline Davis & Mann – Princeton
Modern color and style were utilized for advertising literature.
Images include application of intranasal vaccine; antibody locations
in mucosal, systemic and cellular systems; FluMist® Quadrivalent Virus
versus traditional flu virus; live attenuated vaccine; and traditional
inactivated flu vaccine.


Bob Venables

Client: Sunday Times
Project Name: Gods of Business
Ad Agency: Team News
Quest to discover the most admired business leader of the last 50 years
in The Sunday Times survey, chosen by the business elite.


Charles Glaubitz | Jennifer Vaughn Artist Agency

Client: Sony Playstation
Project Name: The World Is In Play
Ad Agency: 180 Amsterdam
Charles Glaubitz was recently commissioned by 180 Amsterdam to
create this illustration for a Brand Book for their client Sony
PlayStation. They were looking to bring to the life the new Brand
mantra, “The World Is In Play”, and in doing so they came up with
six brand pillars that define their brand personality. Read more here.


Zina Saunders

Client: Christian Science Monitor
Project Name: Book Review
Putin pulling the strings on Russian TV, for a book review of “Nothing is
True and Everything is Possible”, Peter Pomerantsev’s account of his
decade in Moscow producing Russian TV shows. For The Christian
Science Monitor.


Rui Ricardo | Folio

Client: Volkswagen
Project Name: Advent Calendar
Ad Agency: Adam&EveDDB
Rui was commissioned to create this beautiful Amsterdam townhouse
in the style of his iconic travel posters, to be used as a promotional
advent calendar for Volkswagen.


Gavin Dias

Client: Computer Arts Magazine
Project Name: Pop Art Fashion Illustration
This was a tutorial for Computer Arts magazine, where Gavin Dias
demonstrated some methods on preparing and scanning line art for
digital coloring.


Eric Larsen
Client: Brent Ozar, Ltd.
Project Name: Website home page headers and spots.
The latest in a series of over 20 illustrations for Brent Ozar, Ltd.
They’re a company of young and brilliant people who specialize in all
things computer/business/server. In demand nationwide, they’re also some
of the smartest, funniest people Eric Larsen has ever had the pleasure
of working with. Visit their website at to see more of
the images and for some very amusing reading.


Jordon Cheung | George Grace Represents
Client: Vodaphone
Project Name: Vodafone for Grey Advertising London
Ad Agency: Grey London
Jordon Cheung was commissioned to produce this campaign by Grey
London advertising, on behalf of their client Vodafone. Jordon worked
closely alongside the creative team to produce a series of iconic
buildings for the cities of London, Sydney and Dublin. Within each
city he’s included the iconic landmarks as well as a few additional
fun features which were worked up into the finished piece.


Tom White / 9 Surf Studios
Client: Cerner Corporation
Project Name: One of eight data center murals
Cerner is a healthcare technology and solutions provider to doctors,
hospitals, pharmacies, workplace, research facilities, and other health
systems. I was commissioned to create eight murals that would be
strategically placed in their high-tech data center. Each mural
conceptualizes a specific aspect of the company and its services.


Allison Bruns
Client: VICE Magazine
Project Name: “A True Rip-off Artist” Illustration of C S Leigh
This illustration was commissioned by Photo Editor
Christian Storm at VICE Magazine for an article about
C S Leigh called “A True Rip-Off Artist”.


Nigel Sussman
Client: Time Out New York Magazine
Project Name: NYCC Comic Book Location Map
This is an isometric illustrated map of some real life comic book
locations in New York City. This map appeared in the New York Comic
Con edition of Time Out New York Magazine: October 2013.


Tom Chitty
Client: Telegramme Prints
Project Name: Toronto in Print
Screen print of Toronto’s Queen West neighbourhood.


Trina Dalziel | Lilla Rogers Studio
Client: Redactive Publishing
Project Name: Bulletin – Royal College of Speech and Language
Therapists Magazine
This was for an article in Bulletin. It was about Sensory Auditory
Syndrome and one twelve year old girl’s experience of coping with it.


Paul Boston | Meiklejohn Illustration
Client: Woman’s Weekly
Project Name: Get Fit Without Trying
Paul Boston’s brilliant artwork for ‘Woman’s Weekly’ has inspired us
to get out in the sunshine and get some exercise. Paul was asked to
illustrate easy ways to get fit in his charming style.


Dave Murray
Client: Variety Magazine
Project Name: Timing the Emmy Awards
For a Variety Magazine article regarding fine-tuning the timing of
the Emmy Awards show.


Gary Swift | Lemonade Illustration Agency
Project Name: APP ICONS
A series of Cartoon icons for a Software development company.


Rob DeBank
Client: EPM Museum
Project Name: Jimi Hendrix
Ad Agency: EPM Museum
Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland


Christopher DeLorenzo
Client: Kiehl’s
Project Name: Kiehl’s – Artfully Made
Ad Agency: Night Agency
Art piece made for Kiehl’s cosmetics Artfully Made campaign where
they asked illustrators to showcase the beauty and story of their product.


Adhemas Batista
Client: Gatorade
Project Name: Gatorade Benefit Project
Ad Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day LA
Gatorade has partnered with artists from around the world to create a
dynamic print campaign featuring star athletes representing different
sports such as NFL, Baseball, Tennis and Athleticism. The campaign
features illustrations of the athletes that demonstrate the benefits of
Gatorade products and drives at the idea that athletic performance is
driven from the inside.


Cornel Rubino
Client: Urbanite Magazine
Project Name: Stories from the Stoops
Cornel Rubino has been fortunate to work often with Alex Castro
of Castro/Arts LLC and the Creative Director of Urbanite and
Nest Magazines and the architect and designer of the Visionary
Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. His leadership and confidence
in Cornels ideas and approach for Urbanite covers has created a
most rewarding business and personal relationship. The image
suggests the various inner city stories that make Baltimore a terrific
town, especially for the creative class.


Tavis Coburn
Client: Fox Sports
Part of a series of poster images made for the Fox Sports television
show Crowd Goes Wild.


Grumpyboy Studios
Client: American Heart Association
Project Name: The Little Girl who Found Her Heart
Ad Agency: CDM
Design Firm: Grumpyboy Studios
This wonderful children’s book, done in affiliation with the American
Heart Association, is a great little story about Sally Smart, a little girl
who goes in search of her heart, only to find that she had it all the time.
It was created to help raise awareness of heart health in children and
the proceeds from the first printing went directly to the AHA fund.
One of Grumpyboy Studios proudest moments.


Sawsan Chalabi
Client: Charleston Magazine
Project Name: Freebie Spoleto
Editorial illustration for an article about how living in Charleston
offers so many free and fun activities… not to mention food samplings!


These selections only account for a handful (or five) of our artists’ Featured Projects.

Check out the Job Showcase for many more commissioned works from the world’s best illustrators!

Bold, Bright, Brazilian: A Conversation with Adhemas Batista

We are beyond excited to introduce one of our newest Directory of Illustration artists, Adhemas Batista.

Adhemas is a self-taught, Brazilian-born graphic designer and illustrator based in Los Angeles. Since age 15, he has been developing a distinctive, colorful style that has earned him international recognition and is resonating with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Absolut Vodka, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Cadbury Chocolates, FIAT, Havaianas, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Nestlé, Nike, Nissan, PepsiCo, Proctor&Gamble, Puma, Purina, Sony, Toyota, Unilever… and the list goes on.

We caught up with him last week in between L.A. and Rio. Here’s  a glimpse into the vibrant and colorful mind of Adhemas Batista.

See more of Adhemas’ work at  We’re sure you’ll agree that his trademark I’M SELLING COLORS® says it all. 

1. You taught yourself graphic design and web programming as a teenager. How and when did you come to develop such a distinctive design and illustration style?

When I started my career the interactive industry was just emerging everywhere in the world. Back in 1996 the internet was something not many had heard about and developing was such a question mark. If you wanted to become a professional web designer you had to learn both design and coding. I taught myself the software and techniques. I was eager to learn the right tools and find out more about this profession. But I loved making drawings inspired by comics and Japanese animé since I was a kid. So, naturally I favored design against coding.  For a while I was just following trends, proven styles and best practices. Then I had the chance to work on a project for Havaianas Sandals in 2004 and decided to explore my illustrative skills and style more. Because all of Havaianas’ communication is very colorful and bright, it was the perfect lab to give birth to my artistic design style and illustrations. I have been working on projects that need big doses of vibrancy and color ever since…

2. You’ve worked with many of the biggest brands in the world — from Coca-Cola to Microsoft to Mercedes-Benz. That type of client list is not developed overnight, yet you are only 33 years old. What road did you take to establish yourself as an artist that such powerhouse companies could trust with their brands?

I think to my advantage is the fact that I started working when I was very young, at age 15.  So today I already have 18 years of background and I have seen and worked with all sorts of companies and people from all around the world. This type of trust and experience is only developed with time and patience. You are right that it doesn’t come overnight. Understanding all the shortcuts, the cultures and language spoken on a day-to-day basis with large clients does make it easier to work with other brands. But I also believe that every new project has its own challenges and what makes my clients trust me is my dedication, as well as my understanding of the processes.

hyundai, graphic design, illustrator, adhemas batista, directory of illustration

Client: Hyundai | Product: World Cup 2014 | Agency: Innocean | Designer and Illustrator: Adhemas Batista | 2013-2014

Adhemas’ Brazilian native roots and culture knowledge were a great advantage on this project, which included a wide variety of concepts, visuals for print ads, lettering for the lock-up of the whole campaign and illustration content for the tumblr page.  

3. What are some of the primary differences in working for Fortune 500 companies versus working for small companies?

There are many differences beyond budgets. Most people believe the bigger the company, the better the money gets. That is not at always true. Sometimes small companies also have good budgets and are excellent to work with. I believe most big brands are just more prepared to work with independent contractors and they understand more about the process and legal implications with creative copyrights, etc. Because they are used to working with photographers, musicians, illustrators ,etc., more often they are more respectful of the professional and the process. Some small companies do try to get the most out of their budgets and sometimes they cross some limits professionally. Then you find yourself teaching more than collaborating.

4. Tell us about some of your favorite projects. What has made them special?

Usually my favorite projects are the ones I feel confident using in my portfolio and the ones that will bring more exposure to my work. The Havaianas project has a special place in my heart because it opened my range of creativity and a new market for me that I previously didn’t know existed. Many projects that shaped who I am today came after the Havaianas project. There are also special mentions, like the Coca-Cola Remix project, which brought me great attention, and last year’s Gatorade Benefit project which is helping to set a new direction for my work–bringing more work in the same vein and keeping me fresh.

gatorade, adhemas batista, graphic design, illustration, directory of illustration

Client: Gatorade | Product: Gatorade Benefit | Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day | Artist: Adhemas Batista | 2013

Gatorade partnered with artists from around the world to create a dynamic print campaign highlighting star athletes from baseball, football, and tennis and Athleticism. The campaign featured illustrations of the athletes demonstrating the benefits of Gatorade products under the tagline ‘Win From Within.’ Adhemas was initially asked to illustrate a combination of three ads for the campaign including the artwork for Cam Newton, Derek Jeter and Usain Bolt. The visual direction was so well-received by PepsiCo that they invited him to do a fourth ad for JJ Watt, as well as participate in a short MTV interview segment.

5. The demands of a food brand must differ from a software brand. How do you approach different creative communication needs?

They do have different needs and requests. Usually food brands need to be pickier about what the customer is seeing… making sure a strawberry is a strawberry and not something else. They tend to be less abstract and easier to understand visually. Customers don’t want to buy food without knowing what is in it. Their concerns all make sense to me. Software brands, or even some other segments, make it possible to go a bit more abstract I guess, exploring different themes to associate with the brand and using metaphors more openly.

safeway, adhemas batista, illustration, graphic design, directory of illustration

Client: Safeway | Product: Safeway Food Truck | Artist: Adhemas Batista | 2012

Safeway wanted an attention-grabbing illustration for a mobile food truck, which would be used at special events and promotions at their chain of supermarkets, including Vons and Pavilions. The truck’s design was to be inspired by the everyday groceries American households buy. Adhemas took that direction, combined his swirly style with a warm colorful palette of food colors, and used a playful approach to create a unique design for the vehicle.

6.  You moved to the U.S. in 2006. What prompted the move, and how did you make the transition (both professionally and personally)?

I came to the U.S. with a job proposal. Actually I had 6 opportunities including NY, SF and LA.  What helped me make my mind up was the idea of being able to learn English and  live in a sunny city like Los Angeles. Plus, it was the best choice for my family. My first job in America was at Hello Design working with interactive projects. After a year and a half I became self-employed and started working independently. I think the biggest differences were organizational– different schedules and time frames. My most complicated barrier was the language, of course… both cultural and spoken. I think nowadays most countries have the same style of work, with a few cultural changes and differences in budgets. But usually from briefing to closing a project I haven’t felt that many differences working for the U.S., Brazil or any other country so far. The language spoken within the industry is very similar everywhere.

7. How has your Brazilian background helped you in the United States market, and how has it challenged you?

When I came to the U.S.  I was already a recognized professional in the interactive market with awards from the most important festivals despite my age, so it was easy for me to blend in and gain confidence. Everybody was very welcoming and supportive with me and this helped me stay and build a career here. My cultural experience in Brazil and my visual style brought, in many cases, a new view to the projects I was involved with and I usually brought a more colorful and energetic possibility to the table. I think the challenging part was making my work desirable while maintaining my roots and style.

world cup, eurosport, adhemas batista, directory of illustration, graphic design, illustration, art

Client: Eurosport | Product: World Cup 2014 | Artist: Adhemas Batista | 2014

Commissioned by Eurosport in Paris. Concept and illustration of a key-visual for the special coverage of the World Cup 2014. The image was adapted for many different formats and used on all Eurosport digital channels in Europe.

8. Do you and your family still have the opportunity to spend time in Brazil? How has all the recent media focus on Brazilian political and social concerns impacted you and your work?

We try to visit as much as possible and we are always watching, reading and navigating Brazilian media channels. We like to keep ourselves involved with our homeland mostly because all of our family lives there. I believe the recent events that have been occurring in Brazil since last year, manifestations, World Cup etc. are making a positive impact on the country and it moves me with hope that Brazil is evolving and people are beginning to understand its potential. Even with disagreements in social politics it all means there is a good awakening going on and that is good for the future. The impact was also great on my work because I had the chance to collaborate on projects for the World Cup with the advantage of knowing both cultures (American and Brazilian) and speaking both languages.

9. You have worked for several brands on World Cup specific ads. Tell us about some of these recent projects.

I have been working/collaborating with TBWA\Chiat\Day for Adidas since 2012 for the World Cup in many different stages, working on concept pitches and now on a reactive campaign for the grand finale on the 13th of July. I helped Innocean set the visual direction for the Hyundai World Cup campaign in the USA and Mexico with print advertisements, lettering and illustrations.  I also made the key visual advertising for a limited edition of Palmolive Shampoo for the World Cup and also the key visual for Eurosport from France to use on their special coverage of the tournament.

Adhemas Batista, illustration, illustrator, directory of illustration , graphic design, art, conceptual, colors, commercial art

Client: Adidas Originals | Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day | Artist: Adhemas Batista | 2013

The concept is based on the colorful ribbon bracelets Brazilians wear for luck.

10. Do you have any World Cup predictions? 

As a Brazilian optimist I think Brazil will win this World Cup against Argentina.

11. The 2016 Rio Olympics seem tailor made to showcase your talents. Are you excited about the games, and the opportunities they might open up for you?

Yes,  I think the success of the World Cup that has already been noticed so far will help me a lot. I am hoping I can get even more involved with the Olympic Games because the variety of sports will get more brands involved with the event and it will open up more chances for me to participate.

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