A look at the Art of Brett Stiles

Artist Brett Stiles gets his inspiration from his son, skateboarding, music, graffiti, table tennis, industrial design and travel. Based in Austin, Texas and part of Homestead Creatives, a renowned agency and production company, Stiles is a master of logos, posters, brochures, books, album covers and more.

Throughout the years, he’s worked with such prestigious clients as Nike, AT&T, Southwest Airlines, Nabisco, The United States Air Force, Vans and many more. Over the years Stiles has become a highly sought after illustrator, specializing in “what you wanted all along but couldn’t quite explain.”

He’s also the creator of the 50 Licks series, in which he created a new and unique stamp for each of the 50 states. You can see more of Stiles’ work, including a few images from 50 Licks, on his AtEdge portfolio page.

All Images © Brett Stiles


Campaign Spotlight: Sergio Ingravalle For ESPN The Magazine

Illustrator Sergio Ingravalle created this intricate series of illustrations for ESPN The Magazine. Ingravalle used pencil, watercolor and ink to bring these two-dimensional NFL players to life and then applied a dose of digital editing to really drive home the effects.

Football is gritty, intense and brutal sport. Emotions run high every time the players take the field. With careful splashes of color and plenty of sharp lines, these illustrations manage to capture the intensity of the athletes in a unique and enchanting way.

According to Ingravalle, whose work shows a strong focus on dynamic sport illustrations, the goal of this series was “to lend movement to the static images and underline the energy of the sport.”

To see more of Ingravalle’s work, check out his Directory of Illustration portfolio.

Gronk Football

Donough O’Malley: Wine Republic

Donough O’Malley brought a burst of color and character to his illustrations for an article, featured in an issue of Wine Republic, which focuses on the talents of the Sommelier – often commonly assumed to be solely dealing in the area of wine.

Donough is represented by Illustration Ltd. See more of his work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at illustrationweb.us.

©Donough O'Malley

©Donough O’Malley

Amy DeVoogd for the Wall Street Journal

Amy DeVoogd recently created a series of illustrations for the Ask Teri column of the Wall Street Journal. In the column, fashion reporter Teri Agins answers readers’ fashion and style questions.  Amy worked with Art Directors Ron Plyman and Pete Hausler for this project.

About Amy DeVoogd
Amy DeVoogd is an illustrator based in Chicago. Her illustrations have appeared in publications such as The New York Times, The Progressive, and the Wall Street Journal. Her advertising clients include Band London (IFPI Digital Music Report), Beardwood & Co. (Pfizer), and DeVito/Verdi (Daffy’s). Her last name is pronounced: deh-‘vogued (its Dutch). Amy is represented by Mendola Artists Representatives.

More work by Amy DeVoogd can be seen at mendolaart.com.

©Amy DeVoogd

©Amy DeVoogd

©Amy DeVoogd

©Amy DeVoogd

©Amy DeVoogd

©Amy DeVoogd

©Amy DeVoogd

©Amy DeVoogd

©Amy DeVoogd

©Amy DeVoogd

©Amy DeVoogd

©Amy DeVoogd

©Amy DeVoogd

©Amy DeVoogd

Artist Spotlight: Cristina Guitian

Cristina Guitian, represented by Meiklejohn Illustration, has achieved great success as both a commercial and fine artist. Her strong line work and surrealist concepts have been used across print, digital and ambient campaigns around the world. Here, we take a look at some of her recent projects.

Cristina has been working on a series of typographical illustration, working around a variety of themes. We love ‘Touch My Dreams’, which sees Cristina combine her unique lettering and surrealist imagery in her inimitable style.

Cristina created a beautiful hand drawn artwork to promote the TripTic Improvisation she took part in earlier this year, where she drew to the music of The Junk Orchestra. Cristina has taken part in various live drawing events over the years as well as creating installations and murals for an array of creative spaces.

TBWA London commissioned Cristina to illustrate their campaign for Q-Med’s ‘Azzalure’ and ‘Dysport’ treatments. Cristina’s illustrations were combined with photography by Peter Beavis to create this series of adverts.

Cristina was commissioned by the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Western Australia to illustrate their ‘Member Stories’ initiative. Cristina was asked to illustrate John’s personal MS story for their fundraising campaign.

You can see many more examples of Cristina’s work on directoryofillustration.com and at meiklejohn.co.uk



Guy Stauber for Mid-Pacific Institute

Raised on a staple diet of Marvel comics, cult TV shows & Kung Fu movies, Guy Stauber has long been obsessed by the visual medium. Having studied both graphic design & editorial illustration at University he set up Shogun Graphic Systems™ in 2001, providing a bespoke digital illustration service to a wide range of clients, such as the Mid-Pacific Institute in Hawaii. The client wanted Guy to to illustrate the cover story for their magazine, which delves deep into the innovative education practices and facilities of the school.

Guy Stauber is represented by Richard Solomon Artists Representative

Julian De Narvaez for CNN

Julian De Narvaez  had the opportunity to illustrate an article written by Sheena McKenzie for The Art of Movement Section on CNN.

He created eight original illustrations alongside Art Director Nural Choudhury.




You can see the full set here.

Julian De Narvaez is represented by Folio.

To view more of his commercial work please visit his Directory of Illustration Portfolio.

Illustrated Maps

Featured Image Carlo Stanga :: Morgan Gaynin

Illustrated maps can serve a myriad of purposes ranging from magazine features to advertising material. The combination of color choices and hand-lettering can make them more appealing and interesting than the boring “black and white” map we’re so used to seeing.

Check out these particularly engaging maps created by the Directory of Illustration Artists:

Cheryl Orsini
Cheryl Orsini_ Illustration Room

John S. Dykes :: Gerald & Cullen Rapp
John S Dykes

Andres Lozano :: Folio
Andres Lozano

David Lindroth
David Lindroth

Mathilda Holmqvist
Mathilda Holmqvist

Chad Geran :: Art Rep NYC
Chad Geran_ArtREpNYC

Carlo Stanga :: Morgan Gaynin
Carlo Stanga

Maria Rabinky

Gary Venn :: Lemonade Illustration Agency
Gary Venn

Anna Hymas :: New Division
Anna Hymas_New Division

Lucy Dalzell
Lucy Dalzell

Priya Mistry :: Column Arts Agency
Priya Mistry_ColumnArts

Serge Seidlitz :: Bernstein & Andriulli

Maciej Frolow :: Lemonade Illustration Agency
Maciej Fralow

Peter McDonnell :: Linda de Moreta
Peter McDonnell_LindaReps

Shaw Nielsen :: Gerald & Cullen Rapp
Shaw Nielsen_GeraldCullen

Russell Cobb :: Début Art Ltd.

Anni Betts
Anni Betts


As always, you can explore more fresh work from the most talented professional illustrators working today through our easy-to-use Keyword Search and by visiting DirectoryofIllustration.com.

Fabulous Fashion

Featured Image ©Miss Led

As long as fashion has existed, so have fashion illustrations. They serve a number of purposes including editorial content for magazines and advertising for boutiques, fashion lines, and companies. The fluid lines and use of bold colors still translates an intimate experience between the pencil and the hand that captures and engages the viewer in a different context from fashion photography.

Here are a few selections of fabulous fashion illustrations from the Directory of Illustration artists:

Sarah Dahl
Sarah Dahl

Suzanne Simmons
Way Art, Inc.


Jacqueline Bissett
Illustration Ltd

Jacqueline Bissett

Elisa Mazzone
Illustration Room


Meegan Barnes


Barbara Von Tannenberg
New Division


Miss Led
Illustration Ltd


Pat Chiang
Art Rep NYC


Marguerite Sauvage
JSR Agency


Sarah Hankinson
Illustration Room


Luis Tinoco
Lemonade Illustration Agency


Aasha Ramdeen
Way Art, Inc.

Aasha Ramdeen

Marta Spendowska

Yordanka Poleganova
Illustration Ltd


Christina K
Début Art


VG Waymer Illustration

If you’re interested in seeing more fashion or other types of illustration, please visit Directoryofillustration.com, where you’ll find hundreds of illustration portfolios and our Keyword Search which makes it easy and effortless to locate artists by style, technique and subject.