Fatinha Ramos’ Sonia Delaunay: A Life of Color

Illustrated by Fatinha Ramos, Sonia Delaunay: A Life of Color is as delightful introduction to abstraction and one of the early twentieth century’s most groundbreaking artists.

Published by the The Museum of Modern Art New York (MoMA), A Life of Color tells the story of Sonia Delaunay and her young son, Charles. “Together they fly across Europe in their magical car so that Charles-encountering new sights, sounds and feelings-can learn how, for his mother, life and art are one and the same. Featuring vivid reproductions of Sonia’s work from the collections of The Museum of Modern Art, New York, and The Centre Pompidou, Paris, this book brings her most fundamental ideas about art and life into focus for young readers.”

The picture book earned Ramos an Excellence Global Illustration Award from the Frankfurt Book Fair for her brilliant illustrations and interpretations of of Delaunay’s work. In a raving New York Times review, Maria Russo says “Ramos’ lovely, playful art pulls off the tricky task of evoking Delaunay’s while standing strongly on its own.”

You can see more of Fatinha Ramos’ signature style in her Directory of Illustration portfolio or on her website.

Artist Spotlight: Nick Mayer

Nick Mayer is an award winning nature illustrator with an M.A. in Biology from Brown University. His artwork combines the natural beauty of fish and other marine life with a unique scientific perspective. From loose gestural sketches to complex scientific illustrations, Nick’s signature style is generally achieved through a mixture of watercolor work and Photoshop. His work and licensed products can be seen in galleries and stores in over 30 countries around the globe.

As the principal of Nick Mayer Nature Illustration, an art and illustration studio specializing in science-based, nature, and informative art, particularly in regards to marine subjects, Nick always manages to stay busy. This summer he split his time between working on privately commissioned projects and running workshops on Catalina and Fishers Islands.

The ‘Seychelles Dream Project’ and ‘Fossil Sea Monster Reconstruction Project’ both put Nick to the test over the last few months and you can read more about each of them here.

You can see more of Nick’s work on his Directory of Illustration portfolio page or on his website.

Campaign Spotlight: Nathan Smith’s Robotics Images

Nathan Smith was asked to produce a series of visual works for a large UK organisation earlier this year. The brief was to create a robot that was both intelligent and inquisitive, and who would elicit an emotional response from the viewer.

Staying true to the brief, Nathan used a limited and subtle color palette made up of mostly of whites and grays. He managed to create an image that felt edgy and cool, while remaining non-threatening, even with visible tech under the body plates acting as an homage to the history of robotics.

He gave the robot’s almost human face green gel eyes to induce a curious, cognitive response from the viewer.

Nathan composed the image in a way that conveys a sophisticated, yet sensitive relationship between the robot and the object rising from its hand. He kept the design minimalist, thus allowing for it to have a strong silhouette and plenty of negative space and screen estate for text.

Nathan is represented by AAARep. You can see more from him on his Directory of Illustration portfolio page.

Tracy Bishop Creates Illustrations for “First Grade, Here I Come!”

Tracy Bishop recently teamed up with author, D.J. Steinberg, to create illustrations to accompany his book, First Grade, Here I Come! 

The book uses verses and pictures as a way to guide kindergartners into the new, fun world of grade school.

Tracy is represented by MB Artists. Take a look at her Directory of Illustration portfolio and to view more of her fun-filled illustrations.

©Tracy Bishop

©Tracy Bishop

©Tracy Bishop

©Tracy Bishop

©Tracy Bishop

©Tracy Bishop

©Tracy Bishop

©Tracy Bishop

©Tracy Bishop

©Tracy Bishop

Shaw Nielsen – BizEd

Shaw Nielsen created artwork for BizEd magazine, to go along with an article about how college professors should utilize cell phones as a teaching platform for millennials.

About Shaw
Shaw is an illustrator that creates content for both adults and children featured in magazines, ads, posters and newspapers all over the world. He extensively studied illustration in both San Francisco and Colorado; and his hard work has paid off as he has been featured in Communication Arts3×3 magazine, HOW magazine and has been honored by the Alliance of Illustrators and the Art Directors Club. His client list includes names like AARP, Billboard, Smithsonian, IBM, and Disney, amongst many others.

Shaw is represented by Gerald & Cullen Rapp. View more of his work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at

©Shaw Nielsen

©Shaw Nielsen

©Shaw Nielsen

©Shaw Nielsen

©Shaw Nielsen

©Shaw Nielsen


Maury Aaseng: The Art of Painting Sea Life in Watercolor

Maury Aaseng is currently in the process of creating 7 step-by-step painting projects of various sea life for a new book from Walter Foster Publishing in Irvine, California entitled, The Art of Painting Sea Life in Watercolor.

From the publisher:
The Art of Painting Sea Life in Watercolor opens with a guide to essential information on the necessary tools and materials for both sketching and painting, including pencils, paints and brushes, palettes, supports, and mediums. In addition to learning about basic drawing and painting techniques and color theory, readers will learn how to create compelling compositions, achieve depth, and render realistic textures.This new title in the Collector’s Series features a large variety of stunning sea life, from an adorable sea otter to an magnificent whale. With a fresh, modern spin on this majestic subject, The Art of Painting Sea Life in Watercolor is a comprehensive and indispensable resource, packed with beautiful illustrations and expert instruction, for all artists smitten with the animal kingdom.

The book is now available for preorder through Amazon with an expected release date of April 2016.

About Maury Aaseng:
Starting with his grade school days, drawing dinosaurs and animals in notebook margins, Maury Aaseng has always been excited about drawing and art. After graduating with a BFA in graphic design from the University of Minnesota—Duluth, Maury began his illustration career. The work spans a variety of subject matter and illustration styles. The range of work includes anatomical illustration and cartoons for medical textbooks, informative illustrations for young adult non-fiction, illustrated guides for out-patient care, How-to-Draw books, custom watercolor work for independent authors, and logo design and creation.

More of Maury’s work can be seen through his Directory of Illustration Portfolio and at


Parrotfish by Maury Aaseng for Walter Foster Publishing


Dolphins by Maury Aaseng for Walter Foster Publishing


Walrus by Maury Aaseng for Walter Foster Publishing

Shaw Nielsen: Welcome Home Carla

Welcome Home Carla is an educational children’s book illustrated by Shaw Nielsen for Junior Achievement. The story follows a little girl throughout a the day as she does chores around the house to earn money to throw a welcome home party for her best friend Carla who is returning home from summer camp.

Shaw Nielsen’s work for both adults and children has appeared in magazines, advertising, posters, and newspapers around the world.  He is represented by Gerald & Cullen Rapp. See more of his work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at

©Shaw Nielsen

©Shaw Nielsen

©Shaw Nielsen

©Shaw Nielsen

mock-up-11 mock-up-13

Wesley Bedrosian for the New York Times

Wesley Bedrosian recently created a set of illustrations to accompany a New York Times article entitled, “M.B.A. Programs That Get You Where You Want to Go.”

The article discusses possible schools to attend if you’re interested in working at particular companies. Wesley’s art illuminates the topic, including data visualizations for statistics related to education.

Wesley Bedrosian is an award-winning editorial illustrator whose work has appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers all over the globe. Explore more of his work here



Wesley Bedrosian / New York Times



Wesley Bedrosian / New York Times



Wesley Bedrosian / New York Times



Wesley Bedrosian / New York Times



Wesley Bedrosian / New York Times



Wesley Bedrosian / New York Times



Wesley Bedrosian / New York Times

Maria Corte Maidagan + Ann Ingalls

Maria Corte Maidagan teamed up with author Ann Ingalls to create a walk through the Jazz ages alphabet book.

The book covers all aspects of Jazz in America from “axe” to “zoot suit”, including ” be-bopping, lyrical introductions to key jazz figures, musical terms, and a glossary of jazz slang.”

Maria’s style was the perfect fit for the subject matter and you’ll find yourself snapping your fingers and tapping your toe by just seeing her figures dance through the pages!




You can buy the book here.

For more commercial work by Maria please visit her Directory of Illustration Portfolio and Website.

Maria Corte Maidagan is represented by Richard Solomon Artists Representative.


Featured Image ©Jude Buffum

Infographics may come in many different shapes and sizes but one thing is for sure: they are all packed full of useful information.

Here are a few selections of Infographics created by the Directory of Illustration Artists:

Neil Stewart
Neil Stewart, Congress, Political Infographic, Informational, Visual Data, Directory of Illustration


Maxwell Dorsey :: New Division
Maxwell Dorsey, New Division, Infographics, Graphic Design, Informational, Visualizing Data


David Foster :: David Goldman Agency
David Foster, David Goldman Agency, Infographics, Directory of Illustration, Graphic Design, Informational


Peter Grundy :: Début Art


Studio Muti :: Folio


Middleboop :: JSR Agency
Infographics, Middleboop, JSR Agency, Informational, Graphic Design


Robert Samuel Hanson :: Eye Candy Illustration
Infographics, Robert Samuel Hanson, Eye Candy Illustration Agency, Graphic Design, Visualizing Data


Clear As Mud :: Folio
Infographics, Informational, Graphic Design, Illustration, Clear As Mud, Folio Illustration Agency, Directory of Illustration


Jude Buffum :: Mendola Artists Representatives
Jude Buffum, Infographics, Informational, Graphic Design


Scott MacNeill :: MacNeill+Macintosh
Wall Street Journal, Directory of  Illustration, Infographics, Informational, Visual data


Elizabeth Griffith

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