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Gerald & Cullen Rapp is one of world’s top illustration agencies. They’re home to some of the most recognizable artists and art work in the industry. The artists of Rapp have had their work grace nearly every major publication in circulation today. From National Geographic to Rolling Stone, you’ve probably seen the work of one of their artists without even realizing it.

Today we’re highlighting just a few of the most creative artists Rapp has to offer.

Raul Arias

Raul Arias

Raul Arias

Nigel Buchanan

Nigel Buchanan Nigel Buchanan

James O’Brien

James O'Brien

Traci Daberko

Traci Daberko Traci Daberko

Dan Page

Dan Page Dan Page

You can see portfolios from all the Rapp Artists on the Directory of Illustration website here.

John S. Dykes for First Interstate Bank

John S. Dykes was commissioned by First Interstate Bank to create maps to tell the story of the banks’ interaction with the people and culture of states in the western US.

John produced three large, detailed map illustrations of Wyoming, South Dakota & Montana for the campaign and has received recognition for the Wyoming map, which was selected to be in the 2017 Communication Arts Annual.

John is represented by Gerald & Cullen Rapp. See more of his work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at

©John S. Dykes

©John S. Dykes

Shaw Nielsen for Sapiens

This animated GIF was created by Shaw Nielsen for an article on the Sapiens website titled, “The Making of a Wrinkle Convert”.

Shaw is represented by Gerald & Cullen Rapp. See more of his work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at

©Shaw Nielsen



Traci Daberko for Experience Life Magazine

Traci Daberko, represented by Gerald and Cullen Rapp, recently created full page and spot illustrations to accompany an article titled Free Yourself from Depression in Experience Life Magazine.  An animation was also created for the digital edition of the publication, which is based off of Traci’s illustrations.





The Featured Five: October 2014

Each month we showcase five illustrators from the new set of featured artists on

This month’s Featured Five are all versatile and highly skilled individuals who are currently taking the creative community by storm.

Yehrin Tong :: Début Art


©Yehrin Tong

Yehrin Tong is a graphic design graduate from Central Saint Martins. He creates illusory, eye-boggling, hypnotic patterns and typographic illustrations. Her tessellating mathematical motifs, optical illusions and meticulous detail has encompassed ad campaigns on print and screen, installations and editorial illustrations as well as graphics for fashion prints and embroideries.
Yehrin’s work is complex, beautiful and intricate, the words minimal and simple rarely come into her vocabulary. Previous clients include: Adidas, Apple, BBC Radio 2, Bombay Sapphire, Conde Nast, Dell Computers, Grafik. Hodder & Stoughton, New Scientist, New York Times, Non-Format, Prado Museum, Procter & Gamble, Simon & Schuster, The Future Laboratory, Victoria and Albert Museum


Steven Tabbutt :: Morgan Gaynin Inc.

©Steven Tabbutt

©Steven Tabbutt

Having spent most of his childhood in North and South Carolina on military bases, Steven Tabbutt remained down South at Savannah College of Art and Design for his BFA before heading up North to SVA for his Masters in 2006. Right from the outset, Steven amassed an amazing number of awards which can be seen here. While his illustration career is receiving accolades, Steven is also building a strong following in the gallery world. Exhibitions have been hung in New York and London, and regularly with the Yukiko Kawase Gallery in Paris. In addition, Steven has been highlighted in two issues of Studio Visit Magazine. Steven has a clear vision about his work: “My current work combines classical painting with graphic mark making to create a fantasy reality with logic and rules all its own. I draw influences from lexicons of history, folklore, and fairy tales, and mine the invented histories and characters of past work for self-referential cues”.


Rebecca Hendin

©Rebecca Hendin

©Rebecca Hendin

Rebecca Hendin is an illustrator, painter & animator combining hand-made and digital techniques to make colourful, slightly odd, and often highly detailed work for a variety of platforms. She has an MA in Communication Design & BA Hons Graphic Design from Central Saint Martins (London). Selected clients: Foyles Bookshop, Dance Umbrella, TakeOff Studios, VICE Magazine, AU Magazine, Island Records, WPP, Estee Lauder, Eurostar, Passing Clouds. Illustrations used for Edinburgh Fringe, MTV Presents; in the Economist, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Alarmist; on New Era Caps. Her artwork loomed over London’s Charing Cross Rd at 29 metres x 8.5 metres covering Foyles Bookshop from May 2013-May 2014. Illustration awards: Association of Illustrators (2013 & 2014) and 3×3 (2013 & 2014). Video/animation work received commendation from Adam Buxton’s BUG Festival + Sony Music (2013) and was selected for the Serco Prize for Illustration (London Transport Museum, 2014).


Celia Jonson :: Gerald & Cullen Rapp

©Celia Johnson - Integrative vs Conventional Medicine

©Celia Johnson – Integrative vs Conventional Medicine

Celia Johnson worked as an art director / designer in the USA before turning her attention to painting and illustration while living in Germany. While early works concentrated on paint and collage techniques, Celia now works digitally and has returned to New York City to complete her master’s degree in new media design from New York University. Creating for illustration and new media, Celia’s work has appeared in Communication Arts, Print, and American Illustration. She has received an award from the German Art Director’s Club.


Dave Murray

©Dave Murray - Wall Street Journal Off-Duty Section Cover

©Dave Murray – Wall Street Journal Off-Duty Section Cover

Dave Murray is a Toronto based illustrator and creative. When not creating images for a growing list of clients, Dave can be found cycling, playing hockey, walking his dog, and cheering for the Montréal Canadiens.

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