Mary Ann Smith

A Collection of New York Times Illustrations

Directory of Illustration artists regularly lend their talent to some of the biggest newspapers and magazines in the business. Recently, three of our artists worked with the New York Times.

Lindgren & Smith artist Chris Lyons created a piece titled “Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes.” It accompanied a story “about the way that studios believe that movies are increasingly living and dying (mostly dying) based on Rotten Tomatoes scores.”

Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes

Another Lindgren & Smith artist, Cannaday Chapman, created an image for the New York Times “Skin Deep” section. You can read the full article here and you can see Chapman’s image below.

Cannaday Chapman

Earlier this year, artist Mary Ann Smith created a four-panel piece for a Times article on the different types of art shows in New York.

“I was asked to illustrate the different characteristics of the multiple art shows being held in New York City each spring. I decided to solve it by imagining a guest at each of the shows near art that reflects their style.”

Art Fair Season in NYC

You can see even more images like these in the ‘Jobs Showcase’ section of the Directory of Illustration website.

Mary Ann Smith for New York Times

Check out these 4 illustrations by Mary Ann Smith featured on The New York Times website to accompany an article titled, “What to See at New York’s Art Fairs This Week”.

View more artwork by Mary Ann through her Directory of Illustration portfolio and her website.


Illustrated Maps That Captivate & Inform

Featured image: ©Carlo Stanga

Illustrated maps use artistic style to create an accurate representation of an area while emphasizing what’s important and eye-catching.

In this way, illustrated maps give us the ability to virtually travel across the globe and visit places we’ve never been. They also serve to help us navigate our world and help us discover new, exciting things in our own familiar surroundings.

Here are a few examples of informative & captivating maps by Directory of Illustration artists.

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