Artist Spotlight: The Style of Gavin Reece

Gavin Reece has style, a lot of it. Represented by the New Division agency, he’s one of London’s leading fashion illustrators. The majority of Reece’s work has a distinctively graphic feel to it. Having started his career by studying Fine Arts at Edinburgh and St. Martins, Reece has since taken his work worldwide, creating art for clients including Mercedes, Budweiser, Virgin Atlantic, Aquafresh, Elle, Penguin Books and more.

According to Reece, he gets his inspiration from cocktails, coffee, Italian design, 60’s LA, red wine, fashion, travel and movies. If you look closely, it isn’t hard to see many of these inspirations come to life in Reece’s works. One of his most recent projects was an illustration for Imbibe Magazin titled Bevvy Metal. Reece’s graphic novel style was the perfect fit to bring this gritty biker image to life.

You can see more of Reece’s work on his Directory of Illustration portfolio page or on his website.

Gavin Reece Gavin Reece Gavin Reece Gavin Reece Gavin Reece

To see more New Division artists, visit their portfolio page on the Directory of Illustration website.

Craig McGill on Success and Wine Dogs

Craig McGill  knows that being a successful illustrator and business owner is all about hard work. As Australia’s only freelance currency designer, Craig has discovered that the key to gaining name recognition and achievement lies in the effort you are willing to put in.  “The only thing that all successful people (commercially successful that is) have in common is that they work harder than everyone,” shares McGill.

The Detailed Beginnings

Craig’s illustration career officially began at the age of 18 when he interviewed for a portrait artist position with the Reserve Bank of Australia Note Printing Branch. He was young, without a portfolio, and was interviewing among 400 other applicants. But he was willing to draw a whole portfolio under a tight deadline just to land what turned out to be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Success: It’s All in the Precision & Effort

The precision and detail of Craig McGill’s illustrations are nearly unmatched and reflect his values of hard work. The pen and ink illustrations are made to look like etchings; they are all hand drawn, labor intensive, and time consuming.  “A portrait that is banknote quality may take up to six weeks to complete”, notes McGill.

Precise lines and tight skills lead to Craig’s creation of Australia’s original $100 note, the Australian bi-centenary $10 note, and several other currency bonds and checks. Within less than a decade his unique style of currency illustration and engraving gained international recognition, even in the advertising world.

The Australian Post commissioned Craig to produce 16 different stamps, some of which feature his new passion: Wine Dogs.

Taking Time to Enjoy Simple Pleasures- Wine Dogs

When he’s not busy illustrating, Craig dedicates his time to Wine Dogs. The company, established in 1997, was inspired by his travels to wineries where he enjoyed the canine companions that tend to accompany vineyards and tasting rooms. Wine Dogs documents the simple pleasures of life. Photographs of dogs and a mix of short essays fill the pages of McGill’s Wine Dogs books. Craig and his partner have published 12 books, all of which are best-sellers!

Take a look into Wine Dogs  and see more work from Craig McGill through his Directory of Illustration portfolio .


© Craig McGill


© Craig McGill


© Craig McGill

© Craig McGill

© Craig McGill

Allison Bruns for Ethisphere

Thanks to her participation in the Directory of Illustration program, Ethisphere found and commissioned Allison Bruns to illustrate a series about prominent Fortune 500 CEO’s for a high-end publication called the Executive Briefing.

Allison worked alongside Art Director Cory Skaaren and created 7 portraits which accompanied the writings of high-profile executives in the final publication.

Allison says,

The Directory put me in front a national audience and moved me out of a low paying local market to some bigger jobs. I now have two big companies added to my client list. One of which is National Geographic Publishing Company, and the other Ethisphere!  And these two jobs paid for over two years of advertising!! I could not be happier!

More of Allison’s work can be seen on directoryofillustration.com and at brunsillustration.com.

Ernie Allen - Allison Bruns

Ernie Allen, Copyright Allison Bruns

LeiLei - Allison Bruns

LeiLei, Copyright Allison Bruns

Randy Glass: Pen & Ink Portraits for Smithsonian Museum of American History

Last year, Randy Glass was commissioned to create a series of pen & ink portraits for a new display at the Smithsonian Museum of American History.

The permanent exhibit, entitled American Enterprise, went on display this July. Randy’s portraits can be seen on the entry walls for each of the four major eras in American business history, in addition to being in the companion book, American Enterprise: A History of Business in America.

Through the exhibit’s website you can take a closer look at the different eras of American business, including the individual portraits that Randy created.

Randy Glass is represented by American Artists. You can see more of his work here and here

Randy Glass for the Smithsonian National Museum of American History

Randy Glass for the Smithsonian National Museum of American History

Smithsonian National Museum of American History

Smithsonian National Museum of American History, image courtesy of Randy Glass

Smithsonian National Museum of American History

Smithsonian National Museum of American History, image courtesy of Randy Glass