Sports Illustrations

10 Winning Illustrations That Smash the Competition

Featured image: ©ilovedust | Rep: Debut Art

It’s undeniable the impact that sports has all over the globe. There are very few places that you can visit that sports aren’t an integral aspect of the community. And rightfully so, because sports not only holds physical benefits, it also teaches social skills while helping build character values through teamwork and competition.

Here are 10 artists that use their artwork to portray some of the most well-known sports from around the world and the people that take part in the physical activity.

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Alexis Marcou: ESPN 2015 College Football Preview

Alexis Marcou recently designed 3 illustrations alongside Art Director Munehito Sawada for the latest ESPN College Football Preview.

The athletes pictured include Dak Prescott, Trevor Boykin and Ezekiel Elliott. You can check out the finished illustrations below.

For more work from Alexis, please visit his Directory of Illustration portfolio and website.