Three things to announce.
1. Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ve decided that my 2019 resolution is to re-engage my Patreon account as a priority instead of an after thought. The other two projects listed as items 2. and 3. in this post will be heavily featured and interacted with on that account. (more infor below obviously.)
With a birthday so close to christmas the celebration is always a bit lacking. I actually tend to celebrate my "approximate conception date" in late March or early April because it’s just easier. But each year on my birthday I make a push for $12 from people who care about what I’m up to. This in the form of a $1 backing on my Patreon account.
As I was looking at my Patreon a few days ago to prepare for the re-engagement, I found they now have a "Special Offer" option. So… I’m doing one this time.
The Offer: Aside from the normal access, discount codes, and artwork of whichever tier you choose, signing up for $1 by Decemeber 12th will get you added to my holiday/new-year card mailing. That card will be featuring wintery art and a hand written note aimed at inspiring your creativity into the new year.
Hopefully I see ya’ll over there.
2. Books!
I recently made "The Misadventures of West" through the momentum of #inktober and the crowdfunding of Kickstarter. It is now available in paperback on Amazon. However It’s got a $30 price tag which I’m not thrilled about. I’m making less than $2 per book sold via Amazon too but it’s a thing I made and it’s real now and that’s nice.
Also, last year (2017) during #nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) I started working on a novel. The novel is written and I’m in the very final phase of editing. As I finish editing each chapter I’ll be posting the versions "beta readers" (meaning that it’s MY final edit but has not been edited by a professional yet so it still potentially includes things like grammatical errors and pre-cleaned up dialog).
So if you’re interested in it, here’s the synopsis:
Dakota Almeida lives in a post-economic-collapse United State where libraries have emerged as the centers of education, medicine, trade, and infrastructure. Raised in Boston’s Copley Stronghold, the twenty two year old has taken on the position of outreach librarian and walks the half-dead country to provide library services to communities who are too far from from a library to have easy access to aid.
She arrives in the Pittsburgh area on her way back east from Chicago, specifically finding her way in the town of All Heny near the Carnegie Library Hold. Despite being so close to a main branch, Dakota finds the town has been oddly cut off from the library for months and in her attempts to resolve the situation she digs herself into a conspiracy that forces her to decide whether she’s loyal to the library system or the ideas that system stands for.
This story is my first attempt at writing a novel. The main character is inspired by characters like The Doctor (Doctor Who), Roland Deschain (Dark Tower), and Max Rockatansky (Mad Max). These are characters that tend to navigate stories as savvy outsiders who do not greatly grow or change in the scenarios they stumble into. They do, however, by their involvement tend to inspire great growth and change in the people and places engage with. I’ve always loved stories like this and am looking forward to exploring this one.
I’ll be posting one of the thirty-ish chapters every few days as I finish my edits to them and anyone backing my Patreon can read these early versions as the appear and chime in on their thoughts.
3. Tarot
I’ve read tarot cards for most of my life. I did so professionally for a few years in my 20s with great success until the shop I read out of closed. Since then I’ve read for friends and taught readers who have gone on to read professionally. The obvious cross section for a reader who illustrates… make your own deck.
I tried to design my own Tarot Deck back in 2014 and I was happy with it but I went a bit weird and people didn’t really seem to dig it. I’ve been talked into trying again. So I’ve begun. I’ll be posting each illustration on my Patreon as they are finished. While there is no paywall to seeing that progress on Patreon. If you’re a backer though you can weigh in on polls regarding sketches and stuff. Soooo yeah. That’s what I’m doing these days. 🙂