Team Caesar or Team Koba?

After watching “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” this Monday, I have had apes on my brain! I was expecting great things from this film, but it went far beyond those expectations both in storyline, and visuals. The breathtaking home of the apes, and the various types of apes they created has taken the art of cg characters/environments to a whole new level in my opinion. The truly moving aspect of this movie is the emotions they bring to the apes, not only in their expressions, but their language. You truly believe these are a family of apes thriving in this post apocalyptic world. I must admit I was cheering for the chimps the whole time … sorry human race. That said, the ongoing battle for power between Caesar and Koba was truly a striking portrait of true leadership vs. fear mongering. I could go on and on about the film, but in the end I recommend you go and support the brilliant artistry of this film. I put the soundtrack on and tried to capture some of the emotions I saw in Caesar and Koba. Question is, whose side are you on?

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