Thailand to Florida to Florida

Thailand to Florida to Florida

It took about a week to recover after a week in Thailand.  We were exhausted and jet lagged but so happy to see Luc!!  It was way to long to be away from him 😉  It’s probably the hardest part of what I do.

In the last two months Julie, Remco, and I have been pretty busy with various projects in the studio, and in various cities.  We were actually doing sketches while we were in Thailand for a project with Miller Lite, and almost took the canvas with us to work on because I basically had one day between Thailand and when I had to leave for Orlando to install the Miller light painting.  So when I say it took me a week to recover from Thailand…It was a turbulent recovery 😉  
The Miller Lite painting was a vertical installation that stood in the center of a huge Employee convention on the Marriott golf course.  Here’s a pic of the final piece….

It’s Miller Time

As soon as I was home from Orlando, I jumped into the completion of a painting we did for KIA, which Julie was already working on back in the studio.  This was, I think, the largest, painstaking paintings we have done as We Talk Chalk.  It was crazy big and just crazy overall.  Julie went to Miami to install this one at a huge Latin Music Festival two days after I returned from Orlando…lol.
Kia Sorento

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