That’s Mr. Hogan to you…

painting study of Ben Hogan by artist Steven Anthony Salerno  -visit
limited edition print entitled “9/64” by artist Steven Anthony Salerno -visit

Usually, I keep entries to my illustration blog separate from my golf art blog, (see -the blog for my golf art gallery site, but sometimes I do decide to enter a post pertaining to my golf art on my illustration blog anyway…as a way to inform people who only know of me by my whimsical illustrations that I also have a whole other artistic endeavor with my golf art images.

Posted here is my painting study (gouache, watercolor and pencil on paper) of past PGA Tour iconic superstar, Ben Hogan, one of my favorite players and subjects. This painting was then merged with one of my photos of wood textures to create a final art image for my edition of prints entitled “9/64” -which refers to Mr. Hogan having won 9 major championships and 64 PGA Tour victories in his career, and is available on my site in the “exclusive edition” category.

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