It’s taken me a while to dust off the old blog and begin getting into sharing posts with you lovely lot again. I’ve had so much I’ve wanted to share, but as always, not so much of time going around these days. 

Since I last blogged there’s been some pretty big changes around here. There is now a baby, a 10 month old baby, careering about like a little drunk person whilst she’s learning to walk. And although I’ve been back at work full time for the past 3 months I’ve only just got a handle on things. 

The biggest takeaway from it all is just to keep things s l o w. 

Having Ophelia has made me understand now that I literally cannot be everything to everyone, and I simply cannot do everything all at once. So I’m choosing to live slow this year, and that is the only resolution I’m making. 

The funny thing is now that I’m choosing to go slow, I’m finding that things are actually getting done. They might not be completed in the lightning quick fashion I usually want them done, but they’re getting done. Not perfected, but done. 

And I’m actually illustrating more for pleasure, rather than getting bogged down with the admin and the emails and the accounts and the algorithms and the Pinterest trawl. When you suddenly lose all the time you had before, you really come to appreciate and treasure the rare time that you do have when you’re not being something to someone. 

So if you’re finding yourself starting this year frantically trying to accomplish all your goals by February 1st, take a breath, be rebellious and just say fuck it. 

If you’re trying to sprint to the finish line, you’ll miss the view on the way. 

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