“The Book of Life” Gallery Nucleus Show

This summer I started a little “art bucket list” that included goals I’d hope to reach along my creative journey. High on the list was “be part of a Gallery Nucleus show”. I have been a long time admirer of the quality of their shows, the artists they work with, and their passionate support of the creative community. So when I was invited by Chogrin to contribute art to “The Book of Life” show that would be part of the “The Book of Life” artist panel/signing/exhibition I was incredibly inspired to create a piece that paid tribute to the vibrant creativity of the film. 

I knew I wanted to illustrate the Manolo character (I loved the detail of his costume, his guitar and awesome hairdo style) and wanted to be able to show both the live world and the dead world. I thought of the falling pages of a book flipping between the 2 worlds as Manolo fell into the Land of the Remembered. I had also kicked around the concept of Manolo in a pose that nodded at Elvis Presley “The King” called “Long Live the King”, but in the end I went with the pages concept “Turn the Page” (a nod to the Bob Seger song).

It was really a fun challenge to capture the vibrancy and detail that the artists created for the film, as well as the wooden style of the characters and the intricate designs of the iconic skeletons.

I had to toss in the pig character for my son, whose favorite animal is a pig. It was great illustrating a pig skeleton!

The extremely talented and helpful team at Prints On Wood did an incredible job printing the piece (10×15 on 1/2 Vintage Matte Wood) for the show. I HIGHLY recommend working with them, not only did they work with a quick turnaround but they also were amazing at problem solving and getting the art shipped to the gallery on time.

I really wish I could get out to the show, to meet Jorge R. Gutierrez (a long time art hero of mine) and the super talented team of artists that will be at the show for the panel/signing. So if you are in the Alhambra, CA area, you should definitely stop in for the show!

Click Here for the details for the show

Click Here to see a tumblr page from Chogrin and the art featured at the show

I am deeply honored and grateful to be part of  this group of admired artists paying tribute to the artistry of “The Book of Life” film.

Thank You Chogrin and Gallery Nucleus for this opportunity, it’s a dream come true and one item on my art bucket list memorably accomplished!

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