Can you believe it’s already November? Our Featured Artists this month presented some incredible work, and we’re very excited to share a few of our favorites.

Check out our Featured Five for this month, and make sure to click on each image to view the artist’s portfolio!

Jan Bielecki
Represented by Central Illustration

Originally from Sweden and currently residing in London, Jan Bielecki specializes in book cover design. His comic book-inspired illustrations have attracted notable clients, such as Harper Collins, Penguin Random House and WPP.

Jan Bielecki - Central Illustration


Dave Cutler

A proud member of the Society of Illustrators, Dave Cutler creates striking conceptual illustrations and animations for a range of clients. He has been commissioned by publications, corporations and organizations all across the world, and has even been interviewed by NPR and NBC about his work.

dave cutler


Alan Berry Rhys
Represented by Debut Art

Alan Berry Rhys is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he has taught as a graphic design professor at Buenos Aires University for eight years. Inspired by vintage graphic advertising, Alan uses screen-printing, risograph and painting to mimic the low quality printing methods of early graphic advertising.

Alan Berry Rhys - Debut Art

Weitong Mai
Represented by Folio

Weitong Mai is a Canadian illustrator currently based in London. Her signature style involves the delicate use of line and color, and she has been commissioned for a number of editorial, packaging and editorial projects.

Weitong Mai folio art


Anthony Ventura

Anthony Ventura hails from Canada and has been awarded numerous times for his intricate artwork. Conceptual in style, Anthony’s illustrations have garnered the attention of various well-known clients, including Playboy, Rolling Stone and Doritos.

anthony ventura illustration