The final image

The pipe threader is done, with a background that is a bit looser. But you may notice the right side looks kind of empty. The plan was to put an element there. I wasn’t really pleased with the concept and layout, but the client is always right. Right? I was provided an image of a drilling rig truck, drilling with segments of pipe. I had to make some changes to the view and color. I also simplified it a bit, since there was a lot of detail and not much time to do it. Also, the source photo wasn’t that large and clear, so working at a very large size, I had to make up a lot of it. The result was that it didn’t quite have as polished a look as the threader, but it couldn’t be helped. Sized down enough to put on the web, you probably won’t notice. Overall, I liked it and it’s a pretty good illustration. The final exhibit version had text, a logo, and other info in the top right corner, but that covered up some of the image.

See full post here: Digital Illustration with Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended2015-01-30.