The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush

Before Christmas, I was asked by Eric Skillman to illustrate a dvd/blu-ray cover for the Criterion Collection. I was stunned when I got the email, because the movie they wanted me to do the cover for was one I’ve seen more times than any other film. Back in the mid 80’s we got our first VCR and the first VHS tape we bought was a copy of the silent version of Charlie Chaplin’s “The Gold Rush”. Like all children my age with a favorite thing, I watched it over and over again to the point where I had every scene and title card memorized. Two decades later…

When I was approached with the job, they already had an idea of what they wanted the cover to be which was a simple scene from the film with Chaplin teetering on the edge of a cliff when he turns a corner.

After I worked up a rough of the cover, there was some deliberating and it was decided that wasn’t the way to go. But since the artwork had been worked out, they decided it would be used for the interior booklet.

It was left to me to come up with a fresh idea for the cover.

Everyone liked the first concept the best and the final ended up being a wrap-around, leaving room for all of the type and titles.

A detail of the figure.

And the final cover with type/design by Eric Skillman

Thanks to Eric and everyone at Criterion! And be sure to check out more about the movie on their website. The eight-year old me can’t recommend it enough!

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