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  The Monsterlings project is a wonderful concept my brother, (award-winning writer – R.W. Hahn) and I came up one dark stormy night… nah, just kidding we came up with it over a phone conversation when he saw my little monster characters, and at the time I had an idea that I wanted to pursue with him on a new children’s educational project, he loved them so much that he and I decided to collaborate and create a world within a world. This project will combine botany, science and humanity into one ongoing story, with a unlikely tiny little hero of great magnitude.
Telior peeking
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  Monsterlings is an illustrated children’s book series using traditional and 3d illustrations to help tell the fictional stories of tiny peaceful Earth bound creatures. These minuscule denizens live in the nooks and crannies of the world below the grasses and fallen leaves, much like their very real counterparts; the ants, snails, lizards, beetles, and other little creepy crawling things.
  They are just as dependent on nature as nature is on them. They have what is known as a symbiotic relationship with the other living creatures in their habitat, meaning, although they are different from the other small beings in their world, they help one another survive and thrive.

  There are two types of Monsterlings. Budlings and Grublings. The Budlings, who love, nurture, and are good for their natural surroundings. Then the Grublings, who are not good for their habitat and thrive on its destruction for their existence.

Sixxer should have known better than to mess with Snicket
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  When Budlings are prevalent, everything is in harmony, flourishing, and beautiful. They help the bees, butterflies, birds and other critters considered the working class of the “Underneath” as it is referred to by the multitudes who live there.
  When Grublings are prevalent, everything is in decay, stagnant, and smells of death. These have a symbiotic relationship with mold, mildew, and are akin to harmful viruses, aphids, and all manner of creatures that seek to latch on to another living thing and drain it of its life, just so it can exist.

Grandpa’s Secret Monsterling Book
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The purpose of the series is to teach children the “Circle of Life” and that all living creatures, no matter how small, or how large, are important in keeping the planet healthy and alive, which keeps us all healthy and alive. It will teach them we are not just food, or fodder, but intelligent beings of heart and soul, independent of one another yet reliant on each other at the same time.

Telior rides a bee!
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Children will learn about plants, animals, insect life, and how even the smallest unseen species makes this huge spinning orb we call Earth, home. How it is vital we take care of it so it will take care of us.

Molo loves his morning mushroom caps
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We are just starting this project and most of the art you may be seeing from me concerning this topic are considered early works and creature concept art and scenes, I’m basically setting the tome and color story, as well as the brand. Much like the Monsterlings themselves, these pictures are just part of the building blocks of the bigger picture, or in this case…  The Monsterling Book Series.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and look for more updates to this beautiful tiny world we are making in the near future.

Poof got nones.
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