I was very happy to produce an illustration for The Boston Globe about how using rituals in one’s daily life can often bring about benefits. It was an interesting read, and it actually made me realize that I am a very ritualistic person (as well as pretty much OCD 🙂


I was glad that my favorite sketch was selected for final art, and seeing it in the layout got me excited to bring the image to life. The art director had me adjust some post its in the final so that they covered the “Ideas” text along the top (which went in that gap among the stickies); sadly, I do not have an image of the final page.

I submitted two color options, and I saw that the blue image was used online. I had a lot of fun with this assignment, and it was great to create artwork for an article that offered a positive outlook and optimistic message as many of my recent assignments have had to deal with serious subject matter. Hooray for the variety that this career places on my desk!

Read the article here.

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