The process of creation

A friend suggested I might like to share the process of creating a piece of art in gallery format, so everyone can appreciate all the work that goes into the research and composition stages, as well as the final stage of painting. This gallery shows the work-in-progress shots of ‘I Told You This Day Would Come’, oil on wood panel, 2012.

Cleaning and preparing the wood.
Concept drawings and brainstorming
Composition of concept based on the dimensions of the panel
Visual research into the costume of my French marionette doll
Character drawing for style and positioning of the limbs
More practice on the ruff collar was needed before I started painting
Painting has started. Here I am tracing the pencil outline I made with fine white lines in oil paint.
Oil painting underway.
The doll character as it is positioned on the panel. At this point I realised there was way too much unused real-estate above her so decided the composition required more thought... Enter the hot air balloon.
Research and drawing into the make-up of a hot air balloon from the early 19th century
Detail from the top section.
Detail from the bottom section.
'I Told You This Day Would Come', oil on an antique Dutch colonial window shutter. 2012. 72cm x 28cm

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