There’s Never Gonna Be Enough Ice Cream!


On the most recent episode of Marc Maron’s podcast, he mentioned a study that showed ice cream could be as addictive as some drugs. I decided to look this study up, because I think I may need ice cream rehab. Here’s some highlights:

“They found that the brain was left wanting more while eating ice cream in the same way as a person who regularly uses cocaine.”

“This down-regulation pattern is seen with frequent drug use, where the more an individual uses the drug, the less reward they receive from using it,”

“This tolerance is thought to increase use, or eating, because the individual trying to achieve the previous level of satisfaction.”

Maron brilliantly summarized this in one line, “THERE’S NEVER GOING TO BE ENOUGH ICE CREAM!” I couldn’t relate more to this. Before I even start eating ice cream I am thinking about how it’s going to be gone before I know it. I need a fix now.

Read the article {here}.

Prints and more available at Society6! / Daily Drawing #1505.

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