Think differently

Have you ever tried messing about with the Hue slider in Photoshop? it can result in some great colour stories that you maybe wouldn’t have thought of otherwise
You need to make some adjustments to make things work, maybe just select one colour to change rather than the whole thing, but it is worth a try.
Even if it doesn’t quite work every time, it saves re-painting the whole thing before you find out it was a really bad idea, and gives you some ideas for next time. I find it quite useful to change the colours on something, print it out at small scale and leave on my desk for future inspiration.

I quite like this weird blue fox, part of my new card range – you can see the original orange version further down this blog…

DreamFox © Jo Brown

(I switched the fox and the background separately to balance the colours)

Dream Fox, gouache, Photoshop.

See full post here: Jo Brown, Illustrator2014-06-26.