The calendar may say spring, but for most of us in the east and Midwest, spring has only made a cameo appearance. Fear not, we are here to lift your spirits with images of spring and summer provided by our very own Pushart. Pushart, for those of you not familiar with their work, creates lovely, uplifting cut paper scenes. The creative duo of Megan Berkheiser and Mike Caldwell are ready to work on your next editorial, advertising, or publishing project with their unique paper assemblage illustration. Please check out their latest warm weather pieces plus a last glimpse of winter fun.

Pushart recently created “Signs of Life” for Orange Coast Magazine, for a story on nature and wildlife co-existing in Orange County, CA. They begin with pencil sketches followed by acrylic-gouache painted buildings and mountains made from paste-papers. The final art is digitally photographed and delivered as a Photoshop file.

Illustrations for GULFSHORE MAGAZINE
Pushart created the promotional materials for Arby’s limited edition peppermint shake: a world created out of peppermint. Very refreshing!



Arbys (Alcone Marketing)

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