Thoburn 2.0

It’s been a big year (so far) for Thoburn Design & Illustration. On August 1, I left the safety and comfort of my “day job” to support this business full time. It’s a direction I was quietly being nudged in, but a plunge I was reluctant to take until I was pushed. I had grown quite comfortable in my current position of eight years. A nice office with a great view and an extremely comfortable chair (I miss that chair). The thought of leaving was a cocktail of excitement mixed with terror. I had many fears including healthcare, the economy, healthcare, billing, healthcare, payroll, healthcare, taxes and did I mention healthcare? Seriously, taxes and healthcare left me lying awake at night. Surprisingly, the transition was smooth. Everything fell into place including healthcare in the form of health savings accounts (hsa’s). It works like car insurance, is affordable and just makes sense. You can find out more here. As for taxes, I hired an accountant who after one hour had calmed all my fears, freeing me up up to create. I’m excited about the future and to solving design dilemas with some amazing clients.

So get in touch, and lets create something together (just us though, not with a committee)!

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