Three Ganeshas watercolor sketch by Scott DuBar
Sketchbook drawing, Bali 2018. Ratu Bagus Ashram.

Here are a couple of sketchbook drawings I did during my recent trip to Bali, Indonesia. I was there on a meditation retreat at a beautiful center near the island’s biggest volcano, Mt. Agung. The watercolor sketch is of the stairs leading up to the center’s dining hall. From this side, you can see three Ganeshas, two at the base of the stairs, and one at the top.

It’s actually quite difficult for me to sketch in Bali because of how intricately ornate everything is. There is so much beautiful detail on almost every surface that it can be a real challenge finding something simple enough to sketch in a short time.

The only other sketch from my visit is of a Balinese man reading the morning paper, Nusa Bali. This one was done with my trusty Pentel brushpen.

Three Ganeshas blogpost image by Scott DuBar
Sketchbook drawing while a Ashram Ratu Bagus, Bali 2018

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