To MakeUp or Not To MakeUp

To MakeUp or Not To MakeUp

The original concept for this portrait of a young girl and kitten called for the girl to be painted with face paint to resemble the kitten. Upon seeing the sketch, the client felt the girl didn’t look happy. I agreed. The makeup appeared to diminish the happy nature of the child, so I followed up by showing him the sketch without makeup in order to assure him she was smiling. The AD and client felt comfortable with the version without face paint and directed me to pursue that version.

Once completed, I still felt compelled to explore the original concept. Thanks to magic of layers, I could do so without compromising the base face. I was further inspired to take it a step further and add some cat ears to finish the look.

Per usual, I showed the AD both versions to give him the option of either. He responded more favorably to the face paint version. I’m not sure if was adding color that helped, or if its a matter that I take more time on the final and finesse the shapes, but its not that uncommon for things that look odd during the sketch phase to really come together and look great in the final piece.

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