Happy Earth Day, everyone! What better way to celebrate this wonderful day than with some beautiful Earth-inspired artwork?

These 10 Earth Day illustrations by DI artists both celebrate our planet and shed light on some issues threatening its wellbeing and longevity. As we’ve discussed before on the blog, art is an incredible tool that can be used to inspire social change. Art has the ability to communicate ideas concisely and in an aesthetically appealing fashion, while also making these concepts comprehendible and accessible to many. These illustrations are no exception; for example, Juan Travieso’s digital collage below belongs to his Endangered Birds series, a visual extension of Juan’s passion for environmental activism. Michelle Blockage’s conceptual hourglass illustration similarly conveys the urgency in which we need to act to save the planet before time runs out.

These illustrations are important reminders that as much as we cherish the Earth and all it has to offer, we must also each do our part in ensuring that our planet remains beautiful and prosperous for many, many years to come. 🌍




Infomen | Represented by Debut Art





Studio Murugiah | Represented by Debut Art


Sarah Dennis | Represented by New Division