Typography, used in nearly every form of modern advertising and design, is an integral component of effective visual communication. Whether it be for a movie poster, a beer label or a magazine article, an artist’s choice of typeface, color scheme, layout and more can essentially make or break the way viewers interpret visual content.

Consumers value type design much more than one might suspect. Consider this example: in 2009, IKEA changed its iconic typeface from Futura to Verdana—a decision which sparked an uproar across the Internet. A seemingly innocuous move by IKEA, this decision ultimately revealed the importance that people place on fonts and other crucial aspects of typography.

We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite examples of typography work from our Directory of Illustration artists. Check them out below, and search for even more typography illustrations here!

alan kitching debut art  kate forrester bohemian rhapsody beer label

    susan burghart central illustration   Martin Nicolausson just do it

hawaii debut art

ahoy there central illustration  swindler folio

alan guzman jsr agency typography  sue todd illustration