There is a certain degree of disorganized, chaotic beauty in collage illustrations. Created with a variety of media, from painting to wood to photomontage and more, every piece of collage art is stunningly unique. In contemporary times, digital media has become an especially common form of creating collage illustrations, due to the endless possibilities digital tools provide. But no matter which medium an artist chooses to work in, collage illustrations will always be appreciated for their complexities, fluidities and distinctiveness.

We have no shortage of collage artists in the Directory of Illustration. Scroll down to view 15 of our favorite collage illustrations by DI artists!


DAIN | Fillin Global Inc.


Ale + Ale | Morgan Gaynin


Brian Grimwood | Central Illustration


Sarah Howell | Debut Art


Lou Beach | Central Illustration


Andy Potts


Gregori Saavedra


Gareth Courage


Elzo Durt | Central Illustration


Pushart | Gerald & Cullen Rapp


Nazario Graziano | Agency Rush


Louis Fishauf


Kim Mcgillivray | Debut Art


Carolyn Ridsdale | Renee Rhyner


Viktor Koen | Debut Art