Twists & Surreal Turns

Here are a couple newest ‘works’ I guess you can say. I don’t know what I am going to do with the HeyPal one which I thought of only yesterday on the way to the studio. Maybe do a screen print for it or make a magazine-like ad with some copy that I’ve already come up with or just send it out there.

As with a lot of my ideas, something just clicks in my head. I wouldn’t really say that it’s like a Light Bulb over my head but rather more like a Thousand Russian Ghosts spinning the world in order to screw in a light bulb inside my head. There is often a surreal twist that goes astray after just seeing something. The ADMIT IT ticket idea was no different. Just working at my desk which just happened to have an Admit One ticket on it (which was probably there for weeks) when suddenly….Bang! I heard the noise of that light bulb crashing on the floor. Maybe I was guilty of something at the time or perhaps it’s just a state of mind. Solid state? I think I’m still operating on the old tubes.
These tickets I’m just manufacturing myself in various sizes (the 12 inch ones are pretty cool) with slight design variations. From printing, cutting and perforating, I’m doing it all at the Nakfactorium. I have a 40 inch long strip of three tickets which is pretty enjoyable to see. Each ticket of course has a different number. 


See full post here: PAS.TER.NAK2011-03-03.