I hooked up with a small company called Twizler a couple of years ago and we had a ball producing over 50 birthday cards in a couple of years for the shelves of John Lewis and the like. The cards developed over the period, stylistically too,  until we ended up doing knock knock jokes, which look quite different from the above. However they began as rotating cards for the young. A simple design (but a slight headache to illustrate) where you spin the centre of the card to make different heads on different bodies. I only did 6 of these for ages 1 to 6 on various themes (on the left). A few months later, a designer friend of mine gave me (on the right) this charming old Lindt chocolate box (60’s at a guess though I’m not sure), with exactly the same principle called ‘Lindt Merry-Go-Round’…and there was me thinking we’d thought of it first !

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