Washington-based fantasy illustrator Tyler Jacobson is featured in the newly released Communication Arts Advertising Annual 55!

The eight-page spread boasts beautiful pieces created by Tyler as well as a very nice in-depth article written by Claire Sykes.

From the article:

Working at this professionally only since 2009, Jacobson is best known as an illustrator, primarily of fantasy, but also of sci-fi and realism. He is offered many more assignments than he takes, mostly form the fantasy game company Wizards of the Cost, his first big – and still major – client. His character designs and art-work for Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering appear frequently on trading cards, packaging and promotional materials aimed at D&D enthusiasts. His illustrations also appear in print and online for Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, Entertainment Weekly, Scientific American, among others. In 2010, he received the Jack Gaughan Award for Best Emerging Artist, and two years later he was named gold winner of the Spectrum 19 Advertising Award, for Talon of Umberlee (D&D).





Congratulations Tyler!

Make sure to view more of his amazing work on his Directory of Illustration Portfolio and Website.

Tyler Jacobson is represented by Richard Solomon Artists Representatives.