Urinary bacteria and other unsuitable acts

Urinary bacteria and other unsuitable acts

She had been on new meds for a couple months now so she thought all her anxiety issues and urge to avoid stepping on sidewalk lines were gone.

One day her roommate decided to have her boyfriend sleep over for the weekend. She was a light sleeper and she heard them come in at 3am. The boyfriend, whom she hadn’t actually met yet, entered the bathroom, she could tell it was him by the strength of the urine hitting the toilet. Men make a lot of noise, their urine usually hits the bowl a lot harder, it sounds like a typewriter. Her ears turned into antennas, she had to hear whether he’d wash his filthy-penis-hands or not. And much to her demise, he did not. 

That was it, though she hadn’t met the guy, she knew she hated him already and now he also had taken away an entire night’s sleep from her and she had to spend the rest of the evening planning her cleaning schedule for the next day, thinking which door knobs had to be disinfected and what else could he have possibly touched leaving a path of pollution and urinary destruction as well as a solid game plan to make him leave early and never allow him to come back again. 

Other possibilities started plaguing her mind, thoughts of his hair falling in the tub would torment her for hours and hours to come.

Urinary bacteria and penis hands can be forgiven on occasion when the health violator is a known and loved individual, but from a complete stranger, its completely inadmissible.

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