Vinyl Zombies and Baseballs

 I’m really digging making these small run 3-D paper sculptures in shadow boxes So here are the 2 newest editions, Vinyl Zombie and Kansas City Screwball, homages to two out of my many geeky addictions following Royals Baseball and record collecting. Vinyl Zombie is made around a real 45rpm record and the Kansas City Screwball is made from years of emotional distress of being a Royals fan. They are hand built, numbered 1-20 and framed by me and ready to hang by you! They’d look swell in your man or woman cave, music room, creepy cellar. Just keep them out of direct sunlight or the record will melt, ask me how I know! (outdoor art festival in July) If you live in the KC area drop me a line and we can arrange delivery and save on the shipping. You can get at the Custom Papertoys shop here.  Thanks for your support, 100% of the profits will go to fund late night troweling for vintage vinyl LPs on Ebay.

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