This week, we’d like to welcome six outstanding new artists to the Directory of Illustration! Representing countries all over the world—including Paris, the Netherlands, and Iceland—these artists all have distinct styles suited for a range of different clients. From the funky, energetic illustrations of Marylou Faure, to the intricate fine art pieces of Kristjana S Williams, these new DI artists each bring something new and exciting to the table.

Check out these six artists below, and view their portfolios to explore their full range of work!


Marylou Faure
Represented by Jelly London

Marylou Faure is a Parisian illustrator with a playful artistic style who prefers working on projects for a strong social or ethical cause. Her cheeky figures and hand lettering have been featured in work for Spotify, Google, Lyft and more.


Maarten Claassen

Maarten Claassen is a freelance illustrator living in Eindhoven, Netherlands who specializes in creating storyboards, character designs, editorial illustrations, comics and cartoons. He especially enjoys drawing and developing advertising characters in various emotions, styles and environments.


Kristjana S Williams

Iceland born artist Kristjana S Williams, previously the critically acclaimed Creative Director of Beyond the Valley, specializes in creating fine art pieces, illustrating book and designing interiors items. Her designs are inspired by nature and often incorporate exotic botanicals and vibrant animals.


Alesia Nava

An illustrator and graphic designer, Alesia Nava works on animated fashion illustrations, logo creations, icon illustrations, editorial and graphic content for social media. Alesia’s clients include The Skimm, Brandon Maxwell, A.A Antonio Azzuolo and many more.


Jason Neil

Digital illustrator Jason Neil is based out of Calgary, Canada who works on a range of projects involving portraits, satire, editorial, commentary and pop culture. Jason’s impressive client list includes FFWD Magazine, Stephen Magazine, Alberta Theatre Projects (ATP), Axxess Point Inc. and more.


Shelley Dieterichs

Shelley Dieterichs creates charming and whimsical illustrations of children and pets that have appeared in many children’s books and educational materials. Her work has also been featured on greeting cards, packaging, nursery art and other publications.