Several spot illustrations for ESPN the Magazine for articles about women in sports.

We’re excited to introduce our newest illustrator, Tim Boelaars, who specializes in icons, brand identity, logo and packaging design. Tim was named ADC Young Gun in 2012, recognizing him as one of the industry’s exceptionally talented creatives. He is known for his ‘sharp simplicity’ and ‘conceptual clarity.’ He has worked with a variety of well-known clients in his short time as a freelance illustrator, including Target, Google, The New Yorker, Leo & Burnett, Wired UK, and Fortune, to name a few.

Tim has numerous talents including his work as a designer, curator, and photographer. We’re so excited to have Tim as part of our team—check out his work below!

CLICK HERE to view Tim Boelaars’ Mendola portfolio.

Several illustrations for Bloomberg Markets magazine to support and article
about green energy and cars.
Several spot illustrations for Beauty Rest. 
Tim Boelaars’ recent logo designs.

Seven spot illustrations for ‘Myth or Fact’ stories in Men’s Health magazine. Illustrations are depicting topics such as: fresh breath, baldness, shaving, skin-care, sunburn and perfume.

Snowflake illustrations for a gift-card used by Target during the winter holidays of 2012.
Five illustrations to ensure a better user experience for Google employees at Google campuses around the world.  Illustrations represent from left to right: Dustbin & Broom, Employee Badge, G-Fleet, Laundry Room, G-Bike. 
A series of 5 illustrations for Fortune Magazine used to clarify the timeline of computer processors, going from old to new. Each robot character represents a different processor.

An illustration created for Creative Mornings’ monthly.
Five spot illustrations for a feature about ‘Hackathons.’
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