Welcome to April!…

Welcome to April!…

Oh well! Will you look at that! It’s already April!

Wow! Time is just flying by! What ever happened to those days that were never ending and it would take forever to get through a week?
Now, it seems as though a day lasts a second, and a week is over in a blink of an eye!
Not much has changed in the past couple of days since I wrote my last post.
I’m still looking and waiting to hear good news…*Sigh*…
All I can say is that I really do need some kind of miracle to happen at this point.
Looking over at my calendar, all I can see are red circles; and these red circles mark days that I have some sort of bill or payment to make!
I still have a bit of time before I get to any of those circles, but if I want to be able to pay them on time, I need to find a job and start working NOW!
My patience has worn thin and I am now just a nervous wreck when it comes to meeting those deadlines!
*Dear God, if you can hear me…PLEASE HELP ME!*

Yesterday was not a good day for me. I pretty much had a nervous breakdown, and all before lunchtime too!
I woke up hoping and praying that maybe the day would bring about some relief to my financial worries. Instead of relief, I got something more like a slap in the face! I received a “courtesy call” reminding me that I was behind on one of my payments and that I needed to pay it. When the man on the other end of the phone asked if everything was okay, I broke down. I held my composure the best that I could while I was speaking to him, but the truth was hard to swallow. I’m knee deep in shit and if I don’t find something soon, I’m going to be swimming in it!
After that phone call, my day was pretty much a write off. I looked and felt like crap, and I needed the day to let the boo hoos out and figure out a plan to get myself out of this damn rut.

Today has been much better. I’m in a more stable frame of mind, and I’m in my fighter mode! (Not actual fighter mode where I physically harm someone, but more a fighter mode where I will not give up and I’ll keep fighting to find a job!)
I have to maintain my optimistic frame of mind, especially in this situation. *I WILL FIND A JOB*
I just have to remember to keep trying, keep looking and most importantly…don’t give up hope.

Well, that’s all for now.
Hopefully I’ll have better news for you in the next post.

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