OK, this is where I spew my art works and words of wisdom upon you, better get an umbrella, raincoat, and a couple rolls of visqueen, maybe a pair of galoshes while you are at it, and don’t track that smelly stuff into the house!

I’ll also be giving you my art pointers and pipeline that I personally do when completing a project.
First off, I never went to art school for my art, I’m basically self-taught in everything I do.  So if it doesn’t jibe with the corporately-taught way of doing things, oh well…  there are a few ways to skin the cat should we say and this is my way.

I may also rant on how artists are treated professionally on occasion, especially when that artist is me, or friends of mine.

Living in beautiful Pompano Beach, Florida I am close to the main hubs of the Southeastern Art World and there comes a stinketh from below. We will get to that later.

On an up-note, I just joined Directory of Illustration and I have them to thank for starting this blog (or Blahg as I like to put it). I’ll let you know how that goes as well, maybe I’ll get some work, maybe I’ll chase people away, who knows, its all in fun and what else am I going to do, toilet paper the palm trees?

Ok, I leave you with this image and a random thought for the day…

Frankenfuglie – ©2016 Copyright, Joseph A. Wraith

Who tastes the dog food when it has a ‘new & improved’ flavor?

~Wraith Out!~