Well, hello there

Well, hello there

LIfe is EVERY day. 
Celebrate something!

Get out the candles, and the pretty glasses you save for special occasions. The ordinary can be exciting with a little help. 

Look around right now and think about ordinary things that bring a smile…like favorite jeans, folded potato chips, chocolate, birdsong, morning coffee. Think about laughing; about being comfortable, or about the place that brings peace. And then…go, do, be and enjoy. 

This blog is about celebrating the ordinary… Crusty bread, moist cake, funny stories, wearing fancy shoes to the grocery store; being dressed-up when it’s unexpected; getting out the special china on Monday, or lighting candles for dinner on Tuesday. Why not? 

Life is EVERY day…let’s celebrate!

I design and illustrate art that helps bring the bliss to the midweek and mundane. Bright colors, pretty products and happy illustrations that create smiles and help the world remember to celebrate today by anticipating something ordinary.  

Come and visit my blog to look for some sunshine. I’ll share the little things that have made me smile. I tell you how I’ve celebrated the day.   
So tonight…get out the cool stemware—even if it’s only for grape juice!

Dare to enjoy! I’ll chat with you later.

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