What is Great Love? Top ten!

1 – Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, because you can never have enough explosive rows in a relationship.

2 – Jim and Liz MacDonald, because a stable husband is no substitute for a nutter with a gun, so it isn’t.

3 – Katie Price and the nearest mirror, because no man comes close to the bond between Katie and her insecurities.

4 – Lady Gaga and silly heel-less shoes, because broken ankles are a price worth paying for being cutting edge. Oh come on it’s only a matter of time.

5 – Wayne Rooney and his bank statements, because nothing can come between a footballer and his salary.

6 – The Only Way is Essex cast and fake tan, because without it each would be meaningless.

7 – Rihanna and Wigs R Us, because there just aren’t enough red wigs in the world.

8 – Simon Cowell and the sound of his own voice, because you can never have enough houses, white t-shirts, or smart tailored jeans.

9 – Boy George and Philip Treacy hats, because the older you get the more you want to detract from the fact you’re still wearing New Romantic make-up.

10 – Madonna and botox, because the ageing process just isn’t an option.

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