This was a very fun and challenging project that I did for the LA Times. They are always great at giving me something to solve. Oddly, this was more of a design challenge than a conceptual one; that is always fun as well! The article was based on discussion of what characteristic the stock market might take on under the new POTUS. It was nice to work in a bit of a narrative manner on this one as I am trying to experiment with my work in a “story/action-as-concept” direction.

Rough sketches. The AD like #3 and #4, and decided #3 was the better of the two as it showed more of body/gesture in the turmoil. It was a requested design aspect in the initial email that I attempt to place the lamb with the body of text as a divider between two different stories under the “Bear, Bull or Lamb?” headline. Doing so led to a design concern of having a light-colored lamb on a light/white background (dangerous territory, especially when printing on newsprint); luckily, the AD was fine with my using an “outline/Comic” look for this image.

Above is my refined sketch which is delivered to the AD in order to better aid her layout of type. Everything is in it’s place, but what ugly paws. I redrew them before final, but apparently deleted that quick sketch from my desktop in my last cleanup. Sorry!

A color palette I experimented with before settling on the published version.

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