What’s going on Underneath…

What’s going on Underneath…

 Telior – Monsterlings Budling King
At Home with Telior.
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  So I’m locked up in work mode and haven’t had a lot of time for my own creativity.  Which is kind of a bummer because I have so much I want to do and need to do for the Monsterling series, as well as the Grossters, I would also add the Outside Earth Series, but I had a bit of a unfortunate event happen to all my files on the Outside Earth series and I may have to rebuild it all from scratch. Not cool. So I’ll put that one on a shelf for now with an idea of upgrading the series to something better and possibly pick it back up in another life.

  Anyway, onward and upward… My next animation test for Monsterlings will be the Run and Jump scene of Telior running and jumping on to his Bee friend from his treehouse’s steps.
  This part will be difficult for me because I’m not at all sure how I’m going to do it yet.  I mean, I know how I’m going to do it, I see it my mind’s eye and the mental storyboard I have locked into my brain, but actually making it happen and having it look good are very different things from imagining it.   I’m not really a 3d character animator.   I am more of a character designer, but I’m leaving my comfort zone to do the animation on this project so I can really learn all the parts and truly do it all on my own from ground up.   Most guys my age are locked in their garages rebuilding cars, or motorcycles from the ground up, or even a ship in a bottle, but here I am locked in my studio and doing a full 3d animated movie from ground up.  FUN and no greasy, dirty hands and black grungy nails, I can live with that, sorry Goop!

  Although the whole Monsterling story will be a huge challenge to produce and create for one lone animator, it will still be something I will love doing and can not wait to jump both feet into as I move forward with it.  I’ve almost completed the 40 tree-hugging mud cottage models, I just need to finish and furnish them and then add them to the Tree Nabbi and that scene will be finished. This scene alone is crazy huge, I have 40 very different Monsterling/Budlings to create and rig and then add them to their little houses, so when the camera moves up and circles the Tree Nabbi you’ll be be able to see them busy in their little houses doing things.  Now this number may change depending on the flow of the animation, I’m hoping for less, but I want to be prepared to lengthen the scene if I need to. More is better at this point.

  Anyway, I definitely have my “creative work” cut out for me.  I guess I better get finished with “real work” so I can get started on the next part of the Monsterlings.

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