DNA Scan
Copyright 2017, Joseph A. Wraith 
  I usually find myself being the most creative either late at night, or early first thing in the morning. All brain jets are firing and I’m wide awake at 5 am, UGH…, Ok, let’s do something… but like what?   I figure if my brain is up I ought to be as well.   I really don’t own an alarm clock, in fact I don’t remember when I did if I actually ever needed it.   One of my superpowers is to be able to set my mind to wake up at a particular time everyday, or whenever I wanted to wake up that’s when I would wake up.  Usually I wake up early to that mind time, sometimes too early and I would just have to get up and do something.  I never let time for creativity go to waste, I use it to either create something, or find reference for something to create.  I Like looking at art, or photography from different sites.  Sometimes it sparks an idea, or finalizes an idea I couldn’t figure out.   
  One thing about being a remote freelancer is you spend a lot of time alone.  So there are not a lot of outside influences other than the internet. It’s not like I have a bunch a people gathered around my water cooler talking about stuff that happened on TV last night that I can bounce ideas off of.  Which I’m actually fine with.  Unfortunately it can lead to what I refer to as “Idea Anxiety”, Writers call it Writer’s block. I call it a pain in the butt.  Nothing like staring at a blank screen at 3 am with a ton of mental energy and nothing to focus on.  All you hear in your head is crickets, or ringing if you have tinnitus like me.  
You have to start somewhere though… C’mon brain give me an idea, any idea!  Usually I go through my categories of things I want to accomplish, my personal projects, or things I haven’t quite successfully accomplished yet.  Then I start down the list to see which ones would be fun to do that day.  Let’s see I have 4 hours to mess around, so yea this one idea with the Beach Potatoes playing volleyball will do the trick… or not.  When it comes down to it, it’s all about the mood I’m in at the time I want to create.   I don’t like being interrupted when I’m syncing into a create mode, so I have to have the time to kill the project and nothing looming over my head as far as work goes, the job always comes first!
Ok, it’s now 3:30 am, 30 minutes later and I have not even started a project, or even have an idea, just sitting here looking at my monitor… Avast! I need to concentrate, concentrate… concentrate… oh, look something shiny!  Damn, I know let’s look at ArtStation.com!
   Doing work on my own personal projects is sometimes like looking in the refrigerator and finding only leftovers, “but I don’t want leftovers, I want to try something new!” Ha!